Has anybody used the Misfit activity tracker? It seems like the only one on the market that you can swim with.


never heard of it!



I haven’t however I have a Garmin VivoActive and it records swimming and is obviously waterproof to do so. I would highly recommend especially if you do any other sporting activities such as running, cycling or golf.


No, not used it.

I track laps when I swim with a little digital counter attached to my finger, pressed at the end of each lap by my thumb. Works well. Records no. of laps, time, average time per lap, fastest lap, slowest lap. Then I log the swim distance and time on Speedo Fit app on my phone. Works out calories etc keeps record of number of swims, distance etc etc.

The product looks interesting. If accurate and linked to an app, you get all the info coming through automatically. Nice. If you go for it, would be interested in your thoughts about it.


I was just about to jump in and say that you’re not a misfit at all.

I’m a big fan of the Garmins which you can swim with (vivoactive I think). Are you looking for something that tracks lengths?


What length tracker do you use?


It’s had some go faster stripes added since I got mine a few years ago, but it’s the same product:


I ordered the Misfit. It was on a deal and I had some Amazon vouchers as my Christmas and birthday presents from work.

I’ll report back.

The Misfit appeals as its not a watch. I hate digital watches, and Quartz ones too. I’m a clockwork man to my core!


Hope you’re feeling a bit better. Just wondered how you got on with the Misfit? Struggling a bit with the swimming, but want to keep at, so I’m thinking a wee bit of technology might help with the motivation again. How have you found it?


Not that impressed with the Misfit to be honest. It wasn’t syncing all that well with MFP, and that caused a lot of double counting and confusion for me.

I may give it another go in the pool on Sunday.


okay ta. Let me know how you get on, it’s mainly for swimming that I’m thinking of using it for.


Errrrm, @admin is this a legit account? Been a member for seven hours and has posted two adverts for the same thing.