Mmmmm Magnum Ice Cream

Also now in a healthy format.

Currently only £1.94 for 3 at Tesco, also available in vanilla caramel flavour (also in freezer), which is very reasonable for 3 servings, as a tub of Halo Top only provides me with 2 servings (no control). Sizewise somewhere between the mini and the classic, but no complaints from me.

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Saw it on fb earlier also. How you getting on Darren after Covid? Good to see ur doing well

Yeah we’re good. Just started to battle the wedding/xmas/lazy start to the year gains,
even did a couple of sessions on the exercise bike last week.

Lost 0.6kg first week - this week’s goal is a run of 2 to 3km to get the lungs blasted a bit.

Missus has come on leaps & bounds the last few days, the little one had an EEG at hospital last friday - that’s mainly so they can rule out epilepsy & assume it was the COVID-19 that caused her fits. But she bounced back in a matter of days. We are all a little paranoid now, not knowing if we can catch it again, but working at home for the foreseeable future it seems.