Mobile format


Random question, but the format just changed while viewing it on my cell phone (the only way I access the site.) The menu buttons and notification drop down are hidden behind the blog/shop/about buttons and it makes navigation REALLY hard. Anyone else, or just me?


All seems fine on my phone.


Weird, looks fine to me, can you screenshot it and give us user details (eg phone model etc)


Screenshot…and I have a shitty phone so I blame it on that lol
Samsung galaxy grand prime…IDK what else lol`


change it to desktop site in the settling and see if that changes, failing that try a different browser or turning the phone to its side


On this note, is there plans to do an MVF app? @admin


@alanmonks2010 I’m sure it will probably fix itself in chrome… Just have used it everyday and today is only day it has been weird. Again, totally blame my phone!


I don’t know, I would be tempted but the forum seems to perform really well on most mobile platforms. It’s one of the easiest platforms I’ve used a forum on mobile (I may be biased of course…)


Ok, weird - I’ll raise it with our tech support and get back to you.


let me take a look - it will be down to the CSS I have used to put it on there. It should hide on mobile.

With regards to an App - its not as easy as it seems unfortunately however as @admin said its normally pretty user friendly on the phone and the developers are making more and more improvements on it all the time.


It looks as though it’s not recognising your phone as a phone lol as should come out like attached.

There is an update within the next week or so of which I will need to revisit the header as there has been some changes with it.


Thanks for this Mike!


Thank you guys @admin and @mikechristopher


I get this currently on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on portrait view, landscape view is fine but I don’t use my phone like that.

I’ve switched to desktop view for the time being which fixes the issue but feel mobile view would be preferable.




Can you try it again for me and let me know what you get as have modified the way it shows slightly.

You should not have been seeing the links at all on mobile view.


The menu sticks when I scroll now but they’re not all bunched up.


it looks just like the above posted a few months back where as its not recognising your phone browser as actually being a phone. It should look like the below



Maybe the Note 8 is picked up as a tablet?

Appreciate the help, already the mobile view is better. :+1:t2:


Are you using chrome?

If so please can you give me the output of

From your browser