Is there an exercise that’ll tone up my chest BUT it cannot put my BP up (already too high) or put strain on my back.
I’ve so far lost around 18 lbs and whilst my waist is getting smaller as is my beer gut my chest still looks saggy. Years ago I had a very muscular chest through working in construction but these days I’m either driving somewhere or sat at a desk.


There seems to be different views on it.


So, I’d check with a physician rather than random guys on the Internet. :wink:


Yeah I’d try and speak with a professional mate, you don’t want to do any exercises that compromise your health.

And are moobs due to a hormone imbalance? (Regurgitated,unchecked information)


It could be just that you lose fat from other areas first.
I have and still do worry about all manner of things during my weight loss, loose skin, saggy bits and pieces and the whole hormone imbalance that weight gain and diet lifestyle can bring with it.

On the most part, all of these issues seem to be resolving themselves as I lose the weight and improve my health.

By all accounts if you think you have actual breast tissue go get checked out, otherwise I would try to relax about it until you get down to weight. (not panic every day like I do)


Hi mate,

if you didn’t have it as a teenager (developed it during puberty) then it’s just fatty tissue & will come off eventually, unfortunately genetics determine where your body sheds fat first & last…

keep dropping fat & the chest fat will eventually drop with it :slight_smile:

you can build all the muslce you like (well, as much as you can, building muscle is a slow proccess compared to losing fat) it will still be covered in the fatty tissue, so you’ll still need to drop your overall bodyfat to get rid of the chest fat

hope this helps! :slight_smile:


My moobs were the thing I most desperately wanted to lose and they went last after about 40lbs of weight loss.


No more Moobs, we live in hope.


Strength training! And don’t assume that strength training increases blood pressure. Yeah, just because you strain doesn’t equal increased blood pressure, more an increase in pulse rate. If you’re taking meds to keep your bp in check it should be fine. You want to build muscle and have good muscle tone, that’s the only thing that’s going to help. Losing weight is good through cardio and clean eating, but you’ll just end up with saggy skin unless you incorporate strength training. And there are some obvious exercises for chest development - dumbbell bench press, barbell bench press, pushups, etc.

In terms of not straining your back, from my own experience and what I’ve read, you need to strengthen your core and midesection to help your back (strengthen opposing muscles). I strained my lower back doing some barbell squats, and the thing that helped me overcome them were some specific stretches, but also more midsection and core exercises. Listen to your body, and perhaps consult with a physical therapist or personal trainer for advice.

I lost 75 pounds in about 7 months and had no saggy skin, just because I did strength training along with cardio and clean eating. Don’t be scared of it. Embrace it.

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Oh, and by the way I have high blood pressure too.


Thanks for all the replies.
@maxnas I was fine in my twenties and thirties but my chest and chin(s) are what I really want to get rid. My moobs are more loose skin and looks worse as my neck. Shoulders and arms have never changed. I’ll use this annoyance to get the next half a stone off.
@shrinkinguy my core is great… If you believe those slender tone belts work? Even though my last op was years ago I’ve been asking NHS for post op pilates but they won’t touch me. Thanks for your advice, my BP is almost under control with meds.
Glad no one said wine causes saggy t#ts :slight_smile:

Will keep weight loss focused and deal with my shape later… Cheers guys :grinning: