More people needed for MVFIA group



We need a few more to join our MVFIA group as some of the guys haven’t taken it up after all. Just a case of writing 2 messages a day, one of which that shows what you’ve eaten, drunk and exercised.
If you’re up for it let me know and I’ll get @admin to add you. Would be a great help with focus over Christmas


put me on the list if you are desperately needing another person


There are 2 people waiting in the main group who could be added. Not sure many will sign up pre Christmas


@Andy_Gallon I’m on the waiting list and would gladly transfer.


Will do @Sam_nufc.

We thought we had the 7 originally @Andy_Gallon but only 3 of us have taken part so far. How do we get the 2 from the main list and @Sam_nufc added?

Christmas is going to be an issue I’m sure but actually that’s why I’ve chosen to do it now so I have an additional focus over the festive period


yeah the christmas period certainly isn’t going to be helpful for weight loss, I think I’ve already let it slip


What’s the group name, I’ll check with the two on the list and can add them


Add me as well if you have the space. It’s been a while since I last joined a group, so might be a good idea.


@Andy_Gallon group name is XYLYL, thanks for your help mate


Sign me up too!


Can you add me also, just seen the message


I would be happy to join at well!


@Andy_Gallon - would appear that we now have plenty of offers. If you could do the business at your end it would be appreciated.


New to the group, happy to join up


Hi, yeah count me in.
Played at St. George’s yesterday and really don’t want to let the good work go to waste over Christmas


I am ready to join a new group. I need to.
(sorry, this is an old post right?)


This is an old post :slight_smile:

Please keep it to the current one: