More to lunch than salad surely?


Ok so since November I’ve been eating salad every day for lunch, mainly the same salad, and although I’m losing weight it’s just getting a little bit same every day! I work in a supermarket so I need to make sure I bring something for lunch every day, or I’ll end up buying junk! So, what else can I get for lunch? Cheers folks :+1:t2:


Soup. We make soup in bulk then have it over the week. Change that up also now and again.


Make food in batch, with the right ingredients, a stir fry can be under 300 calories or tikka masala can come in under 400 calories.

If you don’t want to or don’t have the time then there’s also WeightWatcher ready meals at supermarkets, Slimming World meals at Iceland, Asda Slimzone, Aldi have their own range, Tesco have their Healthy Living range…


Apart from the greens what else do you have in the salad? Tinned mackerel fillets in sauces liven it up a bit :slight_smile:


Spot on, the sauce becomes the dressing as it were. Sweet chilli or BBQ for me…


Its lunches at work that im struggling with. Need some ideas of what to take.