Motivate myself with a VICTORY


Hello. I havent rly got a way 2 tell ppl about my diet or ppl whos exactly gona b interestd 2 hear about it so i thought i will share with yous

I restartd my diet a couple weeks ago an got a new harder program at the gym round the same time. Not gona lie iv had the odd rly bad day when i just stuffed my face but most days has been spot on so am happy 2 say i made a success of it SO FAR!! Its early days but hope i can cos im sick of trying and failing. Not even just on weightloss, i fail on most things i do tbh lol. But this is gona b the 1. Am gona do it n av already smashed the 1st steps


Get it done, lad! Keep making the right choices and you’ll get there with all all of us here for support when you need us.


Aaye day at a time. Thanks i like how theres ppl 2 talk 2 here about it i think it helps


…even if one of them is @atb88 !!:joy::joy:


Aye lol. In all serious tho i can imagine the reaction if i brung it up with my mates, at best not interestd at worst laugh or sumthing, and i defo do not want them in on my victorys!!


I wouldn’t consider folk mates if they took the piss out of me for trying to better my life.

I’m sure if you opened up to the decent ones, they’d be happy for you.

@Zero4 :fu:t2:


I kno what u mean i suppose its just like they dont hav this problem so its not rly interesting 4 them or they wont kno what 2 advice cos they not doing a diet. They probs say what u want me 2 say ??


This is the thing. Bunch of lads having a laugh. You don’t want to say that you are on diets etc. I was like this when I was younger. Now I dgaf. Needs must. Keep to yourself and let them notice


Aye. Diet makes it sound punishing. Just like a healthy change. Lol id probs b right embarrassed if they noticed but suppose they will eventually if it works so am gona hav 2 get use 2 it. Unless i just say av had the runs or summit ,just kidding


Don’t sweat it, man. If they ridicule you for making positive changes in your life, they’re not friends.

Every time I’ve kept my weight loss to myself I’ve put it all back on and more.

Now people are noticing my loss, they’re congratulating me and proactively asking me about it. It’s a good feeling.

Or just say you’ve been pissing out your arse for a few weeks, either way!


Aye. Can i ask , did u find it hard at 1st til u got use 2 it ppl noticing/comment? Iv always found that abit hard in the past when i lost any weight


It helps that I don’t care what others think, mate, if I’m honest.

Been bullied all my life, still get funny looks from the public, but it’s not my business what they think of me so I no longer pay attention to it.

When people comment about my losses it’s always positive so it spurs me on.

You may even find some of your mates can help, you never know.


Ah class , see thats my problem im to worried what ppl think, i get right self concious if they start payin attention 2 my body and it feels like they hav an opinion on how they want my body 2 look n i dont get why unless i was in a relationship w them which im not. Im probs over thinkin it tho lol