Motivation needed again


So back at the start of June I went on holiday for 10 days and during this period I put on weight as would be expected. Although my food choices weren’t bad it was the beer that was the issue. Following my holiday I had a week away working from home and a very close friend of mine passed away. This meant a total of 4-5 off plan, no training, no football and no gym along with some very bad food choices.
During this period I would be thinking I ain’t back a MVF till next week so it won’t hurt but unfortunately I’ve undone a lot of the work I had put into the first 10 weeks of the season.
Added to this England’s extremely wonderful World Cup run lead to a lot of unwarranted hangovers and subsequent bad food choices.
I need to get my motivation back and get back into the swing of things but struggling with it. Before my holiday I had lost a total of 30 pounds and now I am down to 22! I need to stop myself before it gets too far


The only advice I can offer is to pick a day, get your plan sorted/ducks in a row etc, and go again ASAP.
On that basis do your planning today and start tomorrow.
Join an IA group and nail it.
Good luck.


Relying on motivation is a sure way to fail in the long game mate… the reality is motivation will come & go, infact the vast majority of the time you WON’T feel motivated

This is where success happens, when you do what you said you we’re going to do long after motivation has faded

I’d focus on developing habits, routine & discipline mate

Motivation is a temporary spark, but discipline leads to success



Totally with you currently @steleonard1989 - I’m all over the place at the moment mate, the chaos of life sadly holds a lot of trigger points to make us eat, drink, bury our heads in the sand, give up.

I am having good and bad months.

Have to say though, although I have been terrible for slipping off the wagon recently and am therefore a hypocrite, knocking the booze on the head for a set period is a VERY effective starting point, and if you can get past say a whole week without a drink, you’re way more likely to the hit the gym the following week


Mental focus is the killer for me too. I know what to do, I’ve obsessed over what to do for years and if you are anything like me, it’s not about how to do it. You’ve lost all that weight so you know what you’re doing. Only you can snap your mind back into gear. When that happens, you’ll feel it in your belly and away you’ll go.

Hope it comes to you soon.

Good luck.


What maxnas has said.

Tonight, I can’t be arsed to get on the exercise bike. But because of discipline, I am about 300 calories under for the day, so don’t really need to.

I’ve been lucky, I didn’t really drink loads of alcohol, could swap full fat coke for Coke zero (whilst dropping the intake of the latter to about 20% of the former) & have a plan that lets me eat food I enjoy whilst devouring a few treats along the way.

Without discipline, the motivation will disappear on a regular basis. The net result can easily be a vicious circle of overeating & boozing.

Edit: and when I say 300 calories under, I mean an extra 300 calories under what the Lose It says I can have to lose 1kg a week.


Mate you can do it. You have done it before you can do it again. Get your head into and have another crack you don’t want to go the other way and undo all the hard work you put in. Get an aim for the season and stick to it. Have faith in you.


Same thing here, our league finished four weeks ago. This happened to coincide with the world cup and all the temptations that come with it. I’ve managed to maintain over the time but am very happy that the Kiddy League starts again with a registration night tomorrow. Nothing like being weight once a week to maintain focus!


After reading your post I think it’s the discipline I have lost rather that my motivation. It’s bring a friend week this week and we have registration for the new season next week. Then on Saturday I am at St. George’s Park. I am working on the discipline and hope to see an improvement over the coming days in my motivation


Thank you all! This is what I love about the forum.


Use SGP as a line in the sand. You’ve done all the hard work to get yourself a shot at being there and you know that you’ve been lighter than you are now. It doesn’t matter. Draw the line in the sand. Use the motivation of SGP to push yourself on again. You know you can do it and you’ve learned the hard way about what happens when you ditch your new healthy choices. So find better choices that don’t push you back. I believe you can do this.


One question. Do you track what you are eating or exercising?

I’ve found it easier than ever now I am using Lose It.


Yes I use the my fitness pal app and track my exercise on a Fitbit that I invested in


As a new member who’s joined to find that motivation to take the first steps the posts here were exactly what I needed to read. Thanks all and time to get to work.


Good luck on your journey mate, best thing I ever did joining this league


Great thread. Lots of good advice in here.


I’m so glad this comment has been placed on the thread. I’m in the same boat as last year in regards to discipline. 2 week holiday and the same situation. Battling through it at the moment and preparing myself to reach my goals!

The inspiration and motivation I needed!