MuscleFood #DoTheUnthinkable


I signed up for MuscleFood’s 5-Days Of meals, which cost me £60 for the week. I’m planning on doing this through January, and will report progress here starting on Monday.

Food arrived today. This is what I’m eating this coming week:

I’ve used these guys a few times, and I’ve always been impressed by service and the quality of their produce, so I’m giving this a go.

Also, there’s a special offer from this URL if anyone wants to give them a try.


Cool, is it like a weeks worth of pre planned/packed meals?


Five days of breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, evening snack. You can do seven, but I figured five with the weekend off would do for me.

Also, working for myself, I know January is a lean month, and this way I get five days of food for what I may pay for lunches and coffees alone!


Is that your personal referral code?

Think it’s expensive compared to what £60 could buy in terms of tuna, salad, chicken etc but each to their own.


Yep. My code.

I could do the whole lot cheaper, but I know I wouldn’t (certainly not without waste).

Two things which appeal to me:

  1. The discipline of knowing exactly what I’m eating;
  2. The ability to reverse engineer the “from scratch” recipes for my own future use.

As you say, each to their own.


I’m one and a half days in, now. First thoughts:

  1. The food is really tasty
  2. This is the first time I’ve managed to hit my protein target on sub-1800 calories per day
  3. The “from scratch” kits for evening meals are great, and easy to reverse engineer for the future
  4. I was spending far too much cash on lunches

For reference, each day is about 1700 calories (inc extra fruit and veg that I chuck in). I’m running at about 42% Carb, 30% fat, 28% protein


This is a very interesting concept! You finding it filling?

Be interested to see how this has gone / goes for you!


It’s very satisfying. I add rice or noodles to the stir fries in the evening (not all evening meals need to be stir fries but it suits me to choose them).

I’m going to try to run with it for three months to see (a) how effective it is, and (b) whether I get bored.