MvF Bunbury WA S1 W3 2021

Another terrific night in Bunbury both on the pitch and on the scales.
13 goals in 2 games scored on the pitch plus 7 hattricks on the scales and our first 5% in only week 3. Congratulations Dave Crump that’s an impressive and inspiring effort. :ok_hand:

Well done to Sheffield Chicken Wing Wednesday who overturned a 7-1 loss on the pitch to Fat Burn Rovers into a 9-5 win once the scales scores were combined. A perfect example of how MvF works.

The other game saw Back In Black beat Waistline Hotspurs 1-4 but just hung on to win 9-7 with scales combined.

Combined weight loss this week 12.30kg
Combined weight loss this season 50.70kg :facepunch:

Some of you may have noticed a slow down in your weight loss or stagnated a bit of late…this is fine and normal. What’s important is some awareness around this. It’s ok, this will happen, don’t beat yourself up about it and certainly don’t let it derail your motivation, in fact let it motivate you to double down on your efforts.
The key word here is ‘patience.’ :slightly_smiling_face:

below are a couple of links to patience in weight loss that are really worth a read and will absolutely be beneficial.
I absolutely believe that results and success in any endeavor start with having a healthy mindset and weight loss is no different

Absolutely brilliant stuff so far Fellas keep it up