MvF Bunbury WA S1 W4 20201

More of the same positive vibes on and off the pitch at Bunno this week. :smiley:

Our first 5% awarded to Dave Crump and some excellent weight loss for others.
Also a big shout out to the guys doing the boot camp with Trish and the guys posting about the activities etc that they are doing.

S.C.W.W ran out 5-11 winners overall against Back In Black after a tight 2-3 victory on the grass for the blues.
Similarly Waistline Hotspurs won 8-5 versus Fat Burn Rovers after a 3-1 win for the whites on the pitch.

The games are getting closer between all teams now which is terrific but also it’s noticeable that players are starting to run that bit harder and faster…plus its starting to show physically on some now which is fantastic!!

Combined weight loss this week 11.70kg
Combined weight loss this season 62.40kg :facepunch:


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