MvF Bunbury WA S1 W6 20201

Week 6 at Bunno saw our closest games yet.

Game 1 saw SCWW draw 5-5 with Fat Burn Rovers on the pitch but the blues ran out 9-7 winners overall.

Game 2 saw a 2-2 draw between Waistline Hotspurs and Back In Black with the Whites running out 9-3 winners overall

For the past few weeks the games have been noticeably closer and quicker. Players are running longer and harder. On top of that I can see players physiques changing for the better and their movement improving.
This is absolutely superb and incredibly inspiring and motivating.
Well done and keep it up Lads.

Packed Lunch

One thing that I’ve found incredibly beneficial to me in my weight loss journey is to take a packed lunch to work.
Well, when it comes to lunchtime at work, a packed lunch brings major benefits. The extra five to 10 minutes it takes to throw together a lunch is like scoring a major bargain at your favorite store in weight loss terms. You save calories and money. What a deal! Plus you also reduce temptations you might encounter at your local deli or restaurant.
Portion control is another benefit. As an example I typically take small tins of tuna, small packets of almonds (to snack on) and small pots of diced fruit. There are heaps of other options out there.
Another portion control is to take any leftovers from dinner the night before to work for lunch the next day. Rather than eating that amount of spag bol that is too small for another dinner but makes for a big plate, why not take it to work as a smaller lunch instead?