MvF Bunbury WA S1 W7 20201

Week 7 at Bunno was a little low on numbers due to the holidays but still saw plenty of participants and players filling in and playing 2 games.
That speaks for itself on the fitness level improvements.

The night even saw the coach have a spell between the sticks and bag a brace of goals…just saying.

Lee Harvey Oswald made yet another appearance and took out Blair Fitzpatrick this week :joy:
Who will it be next week?

Game 1 saw Waistline Hotspurs win 4-2 against Fat Burn Rovers on the pitch and win 8-2 overall.

Game 2 saw a close game between SCWW and Back In Black with SCWW winning 4-3 on the pitch but the Blacks winning 6-5 overall

Most of us love a beer, I know I do. I also know that it is my biggest challenge and contributor to my weight gains.
If you’re trying to lose weight, your alcohol use is important to think about. If you want to lose weight, you might need to cut out alcohol altogether to get the best results, but it’s not easy I definitely know.
In my own experience I’ve done sober October, dry July and can’t remember November.
In October and July (not November so much) I’ve seen big weight loss and general better health but before I know it I’m back into the booze groove.
Total abstinence works for me to a point. There are side effects for me or in truth my wife and they are that I get irritable and a misery because I couldn’t have a beer.
In the end my wife was begging me to go to the pub (silver linings).
What I found worked best for me was to simply cut back, monitor and make some simple changes.
I did things like not drink Mon-Thur, drink non alcoholic beers etc, have a week on then a week off or look for the lowest calorie alcoholic drinks…
Weight loss doesn’t have to be Puritanical, you can still enjoy yourself and socialize. It just takes some thought, small adjustments and realistic short term goals…It can be done! :beers: