MvF Bunbury WA

Gentlemen of Bunbury MvF…Bravo!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

After the info night at which we had healthy (all puns intended) numbers I was hugely motivated to do my very best by you all and help you achieve your weight loss goals. To see all the players from last season return and new faces is incredibly inspiring for me.

After my own MvF journey (which i’ll touch on in a later blog) I can tell you that the single most important factor imo, in not only individual successes but the vitality of the league and program is the ‘buzz’ created collectively by us all…in a word “camaraderie.”
Why is this camaraderie so important? Well it creates the best possible environment to success.
The enthusiasm, laughs, commitment, determination, competitiveness’s is infectious.
Who doesn’t want to be infected by positivity to achieve something they have previously given up on or thought was ‘too hard’? Not only that but in a situation where we are all there for the same reason and free of judgement.

If you need more convincing then think about this, the collective weight loss for Bunbury was 31.10kg…no you’re not hearing things!
Week 1!!! You’re not even trying yet! :grinning:
I dare you to think about what you can achieve.

Fostering this camaraderie is really key. Your WhatsApp groups are a perfect vehicle for this so don’t be shy in sharing tips, experiences, highs, lows, pictures of your healthy breakfast, your latest pb on the treadmill, the scenery from your dog walk or even the front of the gym you’re just about to enter (already seen this on a group :ok_hand:), or even the stairs at work you’re about to take instead of the lift, whatever it is it’s all valid and…motivational for you team mates, trust me I speak from experience.
We all look (and struggle) to motivate ourselves but what we don’t realise is the impact we have on each other around motivation. We can lift each other up or we can drag each other down.
Lets have each others backs and get this done for all of us.

If week 2’s games are anything to go by I cant wait for week 3.
The perfect combination of competition, red faces and falling over.
Guys it was fun and will continue to be…what a way to feel better physically and mentally, especially when you may have given up in the past.

Just so you know…I don’t do giving up :wink: