Mvf eastbourne

Hi guys. Ive just signed up for the eastbourne league. Any advice on what you do next? Newcomer

You should receive some form of communication from league manager - who will give you all the information you need and team assignment.

Information I can give you, your first week you’ll be given a food diary book (fill it out as it warrants bonus goals) you get your waist measured and your first weight measurement. Generally arrive 30 minutes prior to your game kick-off to get weighed in, if you accumulate 3 weeks (not consecutive) you get a bonus goal for a hat-trick. You get 3 goals, I think, if you hit 5% and 10% weight loss from your start weight.

It is a great bunch of lads down there, who will make you feel more than welcome.

Best of luck with the weight loss and the league.