MvF Soccer Gawler - S1 2021 - Week 2

2 great games headlined Thursday night, fantastic effort by all on-court. We also had a great night off-court with one game being overturned by weight-loss!

Arse ‘n’ All 8 - 9 Every-Tonne FC
Red Bellies 4 - 6 Droppin’ Loads

Just two weeks in and we have our first entry into the 5% club for 2021, well done to John Crawford (Every-Tonne FC). John hitting the 5% mark provided the lads with the three extra goals needed to overcome an on-court 7-4 loss. Incredible effort mate, looking forward to seeing what you can achieve over the rest of the season! You lads have also lost 28kg as a group already even with the smaller numbers which is fantastic! Well done lads.

In life, sometimes less can be more. However when it comes to calories this simply isn’t the case. Our bodies need calories to fuel our every day lives, and when we add in exercise, we need even more again! It is so important to eat enough calories especially when trying to lose weight, as if you dip into too much of a calorie deficit your body will burn more muscle than fat, and will slow down your metabolism to conserve the few calories you are consuming. I’m not saying that you need to start counting your calories, but if you are feeling any of the symptoms listed in this article: ( then perhaps you need to eat a little more!

Home Workouts
I know a few of you are struggling for time when it comes to getting your exercise in, but it is very important not just for the weight-loss, but your mental health as well! Exercise helps to release the ‘happy hormones’ endorphins in your brain, which help to increase mood and motivation. Even on the days you don’t feel like it, aim to get out for a 30 minute walk/jog, a quick 1km run or follow one of these home workouts: 1. (
If you want some other ideas, come and chat to me on Thursday night or WhatsApp me, and I’ll prescribe some extra fun!

On-Field Goals
Now, first and foremost this is a weight-loss/health promotion league, but why not try to win some silverware at seasons end? In season’s past, teams were catching up on a weekly basis to train together, which is a fantastic way to not only burn extra calories, but also improve your soccer skills and build team cohesion! Spend time together, build your game-plans and work towards the end goal as a team! For more tips on winning the league, here are some gems of wisdom from captains in the UK.

Final Words

  1. Prepping meals is a life saver and can make a huge difference when trying to lose weight. Look at this article from the MAN v FAT blog for some tips and tricks to make it even easier:
  2. Sleep is often under-rated and many of us struggle to get a proper night in (myself included). But it is so important for so many different reasons, physical and mental. Have a read of this article for the link between sleep and exercise, and how exercising more improves our sleep quality: (

Fixtures for Thursday 25th February
6:30pm Droppin’ Loads VS Arse ‘n’ All
7pm Every-Tonne FC VS Red Bellies

Have a great week!
Coach Dan