MvF Soccer Gawler - S1 2021 - Week 3

Another week and another 2 barn-burners on court, with 2 draws and a game overturned on weight! Both games had a little bit of heat about them and although we love the fire, we’ve really got to keep the tempers down and remember that it’s just social! Moving on to the good stuff…

Every-Tonne FC 8 - 8 Red Bellies
Droppin’ Loads 6 - 7 Arse ‘n’ All

We had our first 6 hat-tricks this week at the first available opportunity, so well done fellas! Congrats to Geoffrey Taube (Arse ‘n’ All), Daniel Watkins (Droppin’ Loads), John Crawford, Matt Hale (Every-Tonne FC), Craig Stevens & Dean Coomber (Red Bellies). Awesome work lads, a cracking start to the season!

Overeating at times is still an issue for some of you and that’s okay, as they say ‘old habits die hard’. But trying to cut back on portion sizes or over eating bad foods doesn’t have to be difficult. It is simply about creating new habits and new routines that work best for your lifestyle. The following youtube video offers some suggestions on how you can best create these habits;

Chop and Change
I’ve also had many of you ask me about healthy swaps and what to in place of breads etc. Just remember carbs are not the enemy, we do need them for some vital bodily functions. So don’t cut all breads, pastas, potatoes and the rest out, just reduce the portion sizes or time throughout the day that you eat them. If you need some ideas or inspiration however, head to;

There is a load of great ideas and small changes you can make to create some big losses on the scales!

6:30pm - Every-Tonne FC VS Droppin’ Loads
7pm - Red Bellies VS Arse ‘n’ All

At-Home Workouts
Some of you are looking for some new exercise to try, and I think increasing what we’re doing at home is a great place to start. There is a whole load of body weight workouts you can do, so I’ll pop some down below. Enjoy!
Workout 1 : 12 Push-ups, 12 Squats, 20 Mountain Climbers (10 each side), 40 High Knees. Complete 4 times and note time completed to beat next time!
Workout 2 : 5 Push-ups, 5 Squats EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) for as long as possible. This means setting a timer up, and every minute that ticks over, you complete 5 push-ups and 5 squats, resting for the remaining time. If this is too easy, add 10 high knees for a real heart-starter!
Workout 3: Max time plank (on hands), 10 tricep dips (on retaining wall or chair, 10 squat jumps AMRAP (As Many Round As Possible). Pick a time for this (between 10-15 minutes will be adequate). Set the timer, and complete as many rounds of the above as possible in the allotted time. Try and better it next time, even if by a few reps.

That’s it for this week boys. Get stuck in to some exercise and eat the right stuff!

Coach Dan