MvF Soccer Gawler - S1 - Week 10 - Countdown Is On

Another great night both on and off the court. Plenty of great results on the scales got us back on track this week, leading us to hit a total loss of 244kg. An incredible achievement guys, truly incredible. You should all be so proud of how far you have come, and with 4 weeks to play this season there is plenty of time to add to this total. Keep the heads down, focus on your goals and you’ll smash this last month.

Fatalaide United 12-1 Fatsal Palace
KFC Barfalona 14-4 Red Roosters
Black Knights 16-7 Green Kegs & Ham

5% Club
We welcome two lads into the club this week, Andrew Freeth and Nigel Young (Black Knights). Both blokes have worked very hard to hit this milestone and thoroughly deserve the plaudits, so well done boys!

10% Club
We also welcome two lads into the 10% club this week, Chris Martin and Matthew Hale (KFC Barfalona)! Hitting 10% loss of your body weight is an incredible achievement so a huge well done to you both for getting here, massive! Special mention to Chris, who’s knees give him huge problems and huge pain after game-nights on Thursdays. But he persists each week and gives it a red-hot crack which I find very inspiring. Well done legend!

Home Stretch
Can you believe we’ve been at this for 10 weeks already? Time has flown by! We’ve seen some incredible results so far, with many of you making some huge changes not just in weight but lifestyle as well. As previously mentioned, we’ve got 4 match-nights to go until we break for Christmas/New Years. This is a vitally important period, as we all know we are going to indulge a little (or a lot!) over those two weeks, so now is the time we need to grit the teeth, support each other, and make a big push to drop a couple extra kilos beforehand. My best advice is not to go in and hope for the best, but set some goals that will keep you accountable and give you something to strive for. Use this handy Man V Fat Goal Setting tool to help you set them: and if you get stuck, message me on WhatsApp and we can figure something out for you. Don’t let things spiral when you’ve done so well!

Mental Game
10 Weeks can be an awful long time when you’re trying to lose weight. Many obstacles come up over time and when the weight-loss slows down it can be very easy to ask yourself “why am I bothering?” But there are so, so many reasons to keep bothering, and the numbers on the scales don’t tell the full story. How are you feeling? How are your clothes fitting? How much fitter/stronger do you feel? What are your energy levels like? I guarantee you are feeling a hell of a lot better than 10 weeks ago, and I bet others are noticing! We are the last to see change in ourselves. So take a photo of yourself now and compare it to 10 weeks ago, there are bound to be changes you haven’t yet noticed. Weight-loss is just as much mental as it is physical, and that is why it is so important to keep reminding yourself of the little wins to keep you on track. Come and see me Thursday night, let’s measure the waist and see the change!

The legends at Man V Fat have been putting together some top tips on a wide variety of subjects, and coming into the final weeks I believe now is a good time to present them. I will pop these into your team WhatsApp chats. There will be some new information, and possibly some information that needs to be re-hashed. Have a read and soak it in!

Thursday 21st November
6:30 Fatalaide United vs Green Kegs and Ham
7 Black Knights vs Red Roosters
7:30 KFC Barfalona vs Fatsal Palace

Final Words
As I said earlier, it’s vitally important to keep your ‘why’ in mind throughout these last 4 weeks and into the holiday period. Remember why you’re doing this, and why it is important to continue. Don’t let that motivation wane! This video explains the importance of having a why and a goal, rather than just ‘wanting to lose weight’.

Also as I said in WhatsApp, let’s get around each other these last 4 weeks and aim to make it to each game. I know it is not always possible, but it would be great to get a near 100% attendance rate over the last month. Come and support your team if you are carrying an injury (remember you can stay in the competition and weigh-in even if you can’t play), and aim to stay and support the other teams. You’re all here for the same reasons, so let’s kick up the camaraderie!


Have a great weekend champions,

Coach Dan