MvF Soccer Gawler - S1 - Week 12 - Nearly at 300kg!

Awesome week this week guys as you all combined for a 31.7 kg loss, huge! This takes our running total to 294kg! What a gargantuan effort, and you all so well and truly deserve it with the hard work being put in. We’ve got two match nights left to go and that means two more weigh-ins. Time to dig deep and try to squeeze every gram of fat out that we can before Christmas.

Fatalaide United 9 - 8 Red Roosters
Black Knights 13 - 1 Fatsal Palace
KFC Barfalona 14 - 10 Green Kegs & Ham

5% Club
Two new faces joined the 5% club this week, Jamie Gorman (Green Kegs & Ham) and Alex Thomson (KFC Barfalona)! Both lads have worked really hard to achieve this, so make sure to give them a well earned congratulations when you see them around. Keep chipping away boys, you’re doing a ripping job.

10% Club
This week we welcome Shane Sanderson (Fatalaide United) into the 10% Club. Shane has put in an amazing effort so far, dropping 15kg in just 7 weeks! Shane is working out nearly every day, joining bootcamps and gyms and everything in between. Well done Shane!

20kg Club
Special section this week. You are all doing an incredible job, but I just wanted to make a special mention to John Crawford (Fatalaide United), who has now hit 20kg total lost! What a truly incredible achievement. Well done to you John, remarkable stuff. There are also many of you who have recently gone over 15kg lost as well, congratulations! You all should be very proud as this is a mammoth effort.

The Final Sprint
As I said earlier, we are into the last two weeks of the competition. We’ve been at this for twelve weeks, and I personally couldn’t be any happier for you blokes. There has been some ups, downs and everything in between. But you have all come so far, and even if you haven’t lost much weight, you have all made massive changes to your overall health, and are much fitter than you were 3 months ago. Some of you are considering heading back to play competitive sport next year, and I bet you wouldn’t have dreamed of that 12 weeks ago! I think now is the perfect to just take some time to reflect on your journey so far, and make note of all the goals you have kicked so far. Take a photo of yourself now and compare it to older photos, I guarantee you will see changes that you didn’t think were there. Celebrate your wins guys, you deserve it.

The Final Sprint… Continued
In saying that, now is not the time to celebrate by drinking 100 beers! We still have two solid weeks of work to get through before final weigh-in, so don’t leave any stones unturned in pursuit of your goals. Check what your 5%/10% goals are if you haven’t hit them, and make that the target for the final fortnight. If you have hit these goals, set other goals. Utilise the WhatsApp chats, get behind the team mates you feel may be struggling, share what exercise you are doing with the group and most importantly, make yourself accountable to someone. Now is not the time to rest. Give yourself a reason to complete this last fortnight strongly, and head into the holidays feeling buoyed by feelings of success!

Holiday Period
As I discussed with many of you Thursday night, Man v Fat Gawler will be returning February 6th 2020. It sounds as though many of you will be continuing on which I’m rapt about! But over the holiday period, we don’t want to go too far backwards and come back unprepared. Obviously, you are likely going to eat and drink a little more over Christmas. But during this period, my advice is simple: KEEP MOVING. This could be done in endless ways. For example take the kids to the park at night for a kick around, go for a (long) walk around your neighbourhood and look at the Christmas lights, get the dog out for a walk twice a day, join a bootcamp, go down to the snake pit at Largs Bay and run in the sand, or even kick up the home workouts a notch. Here is a great article about home workouts, and offers links to other information about content such as Interval Training: I’m only scratching the surface here guys, there is loads more we could do. If none of these tickle your fancy, come see me and we can figure something out for you.

Bits and Pieces
Nothing more specific to say this week guys. Everyone is really getting into the swing of it now, and most of you are killing it with the diet and exercise. So I’ll just add a few odds and ends here.
1. If you haven’t already, give the Man v Fat Podcast a listen at There are some great chats with other lads who’ve lost weight, and their stories are really inspiring, whilst also being light hearted and humorous and offering some great tips along the way.
2. There is a great thread on Ask a Nutrition & Training Coach Anything! which contains bags and bags of information on nutrition, exercise and much more. I’d advise having a read through, if for nothing more than just educating yourself.
3. Here is the latest from the boys at UWA, have a read!

Thursday 5th December
6:30 Fatsal Palace vs Red Roosters
7 Black Knights vs Green Kegs & Ham
7:30 Fatalaide United vs KFC Barfalona

Final Words
To keep you in the loop, we will likely be having an end of year celebration the week after our last game i.e. the 19th or 20th, as John would like to attend and this gives everyone a chance to join us. However I’d love some feedback from you guys about this, so please message me if you would prefer to do something during our last week i.e. the 12th or 13th, then please let me know. Happy to listen to any suggestions! We are currently running with the idea of heading to a local pub in Gawler for a few celebratory waters.

Keep up the great work gents, you’re almost there!
Coach Dan

Thanks for the shout out to my thread Dan :slight_smile:

No dramas, great thread! Thanks for spending the time putting it together. Lots of good info in there for the lads to have a look at