MvF Soccer Gawler - S1 - Week 14 - Done and Dusted, for now

Final week, final forum post and the final weigh-in for 2019, what a journey. Gawler boys, you finished up with a total weight-loss of 320kg, unreal! Truly mammoth numbers, a wonderful job done by all involved.

Green Kegs & Ham 6 - 7 Red Roosters
Fatalaide United 8 - 0 Fatsal Palace
Black Knights 12 - 3 KFC Barfalona

10% Club
In our final week, we had one last addition to our 10% Club. Well done to Huen Andrews (Black Knights) on hitting this massive milestone! Huen has worked super hard to reach this target, battling with crazy work hours all the while. Hats off mate, incredible effort!

End of Season Awards
You guys have achieved some incredible results over the last 14 weeks. Each of you have come so far and have made huge strides in different areas, such as weight-loss, fitness, strength and knowledge. You all should be so proud! To reward these efforts, I have some official Man v Fat End of Season awards to hand out!
MvF Gawler Top Scorer: This award is based on your ‘weight score’ accrued over 14 weeks based on hattricks, 5% and 10%. This season we have a tie on 17! Please congratulate John Crawford (Fatalaide United) and Chris Martin (KFC Barfalona)!
MvF Gawler Top Loser: This award is given to the lad who has lost the most weight in the league. Please congratulate John Crawford (Fatalaide United)! John has lost 22.3kg since information night, a whopping 20.3% of his starting weight! Well done John.

The following awards are not MvF official, but awards which Rob Vaughan (KFC Barfalona) suggested would be a good idea to hand out which I think is a fantastic idea! In future seasons, these will be voted on by you, the players to garner some further engagement and excitement for our end of season celebrations. For this first season, I will award them based on what I have seen over the 14 weeks. I am also open to any further suggestions to improve the competition so please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any.
WhatsApp Wizard: This award is given to the lad/s who I notice are a constant presence on WhatsApp, always providing encouragement, tips, and support for all his teammates. This season we have a tie. Please congratulate Matthew Hale (KFC Barfalona), and Jason Odegaard (Fatsal Palace)! Both these lads are always trying to gee-up the boys and are on WhatsApp day and night providing the support their team mates need to thrive, well done lads!
Commitment Award: This award will be presented to the player who is commitment personified, and dedicates themselves wholly to the program to get the best results possible. Please congratulate Rob Vaughan (KFC Barfalona)! Rob showed huge commitment to MvF, travelling 1 1/2 hours each week to play, as well as getting involved heavily in WhatsApp and most impressively, skipping the buffet breakfasts for fruit and a morning run on his Bali trip!
Most Improved: As the name suggests, this award is presented to the player who I believe has improved the most throughout the season on-field. The difference from week 1 to week 14 has been huge for this man. I and many others have seen marked improvement in his football ability, so please congratulate Richard Kosowski (Green Kegs & Ham)!
Player of the Season: This award is presented to the lad who is deemed best-on-court throughout the season. This lad was an absolute nightmare for defenders all season long. But when he filled in, he was always willing to impart knowledge to those with less experience to help them improve, as well as provide encouragement and support to those he was playing against. Please congratulate James ‘Jimmy’ Ravenscroft (Black Knights)!

I would just like to take a paragraph to thank-you all for a great season. It has truly been a pleasure to work with all of you. Each of you have made this a wonderful experience for me. Every week I was hanging out for Thursday nights to catch up with you all and see how your week has gone. You have helped me improve myself professionally and I am truly grateful for that, hopefully I have impacted you in some small way on your journey. This has been the most fun I have had in some while, so thank-you for all of your efforts. I’m already hanging out for February 6th to see you all back, ready and raring to go again! We still have plenty of goals to kick on and off field!

Good-Bye for Now
If anyone has any before and after photos that you would like to send through for promotional material, please contact me through WhatsApp or e-mail me as we would love to utilise and promot your efforts!
Enjoy your holidays lads, you have well and truly earned a break with family and friends. Eat, drink, be merry, I will see you all February 6th. I have added a few photo collages below of moments throughout the season.

Coach Dan