MVF Soccer Gawler - S1 - Week 3 - Hitting Our Straps

Another belting week for Man V Fat Soccer Gawler. Again both the on-field and off-field chemistry is building week on week and I’m seeing a lot of positive changes in everyone’s food diaries which is awesome! This is the first week hat tricks come in to play, and they have made some big noise! Big shout out to Green Kegs & Ham who organised to do a team training session at the rage cage in Elizabeth this week. I think it’s fantastic you blokes went out together, and any extra exercise you can get in is great, so well done to you all! Another special mention to Stephen Arthur, who despite battling injury, decided to stick with the program so he didn’t let his Fatsal Palace team-mates down. Stephen weighed in and lost 1.4kg this week, so well done mate!

KFC Barfalona 9-11 Black Knights
Green Kegs & Ham 12-11 Fatalaide United
Red Roosters 9-8 Fatsal Palace

MAN 116-0 FAT
A huge week on the scales has seen you champions blow right past the century mark and taken us to a total loss of 116kg, amazing! All of you are putting in some fantastic work away from the field, and the results are showing on the scales. You are all doing such a fantastic job, whether it’s giving up the beers (Taylor), the sugar (Ryan J), or trying new foods (Andrew), you’re doing a sensational job so keep doing what you’re doing. Well done to the Red Roosters who lost a combined 12.6kg this week to be the weeks biggest losers! Special mention to DJ, we all hope your mum recovers quickly and if you need to chat, we are all here for you mate.

5% Club

Congratulations again to John Crawford who hit his 5% target last week. John is smashing it early on having lost 9.2kg already, wow! There were two more additions to the 5% club last night in Peter Ryan (Green Kegs & Ham) and Ryan Jennings (Fatsal Palace) who rocketed into 2nd and 3rd place respectively on our top scorer board! Congratulations gents, I’ll see you next week to present your well earned certificates! There are another five lads within a whisker of hitting 5% as well, so keep up the good work and your reward wont be far off!

I’ve seen some great passing drills from some teams, and I know getting out onto the field and belting the daylights out of the ball as soon as you rock up is super tempting (I did the same once upon a time). But this isn’t really the best way to warm-up, and perhaps is contributing to the soreness felt by some of you. Over the coming weeks, try implementing some team-warmups that not only help bring you together as a group, but also help you get adequately prepared for the game. Here is a good resource to get you started:

Team Work
What I have been most impressed with so far is the level of team work each of you are displaying not just to your team-mates, but with blokes from other teams. Everyone is being incredibly supportive of each other which is awesome. At the end of the day you are all here for the same reasons, 1. Weight loss. 2. For some fun and 3. To make some new mates with the same goals. Try and organise some extra activity with lads from your teams like Green Kegs & Ham did this week. KFC Barfalona are about to embark on a 30 minutes of exercise a day challenge. Get brainstorming in WhatsApp and get moving!

There is some news regarding this weeks fixtures, as for one week ONLY we will be playing at Trinity South Courts. The map can be found at the following link:
I believe the courts are somewhere in the pink/red (STARplex in the yellow), but I will confirm this long before Thursday. I have not been there before either, so this will be an experience for us all. As stated, this will only be for one week due to a hockey tournament in STARplex which takes up all 4 courts. We apologise for the inconvenience, but it is unavoidable.

3rd October
6:30pm Fatalaide United vs Red Roosters
7pm Black Knights vs Fatsal Palace
7:30pm KFC Barfalona vs Green Kegs & Ham

Keep up the great work legends!
Coach Dan