MVF Soccer Gawler - S1 - Week 5 - Straight and Narrow

G’day guys. Apologies for the lateness of this post, been a hellish week at university.

Another solid week on the scales, and more team building away from the pitch made this week one of the best yet. The standard of play is improving week after week, and it’s great to see you all making friends outside your own teams. Big thanks to the blokes who filled in this week and helped out a few teams in need of an extra player! We also have three new players this week, so welcome to Eddie, Jamie and Guido (Johnny)!

Green Kegs & Ham 4 - 7 Black Knights
Red Roosters 5 - 7 KFC Barfalona
Fatsal Palace 6 - 4 Fatalaide United

Straight & Narrow
After a tough week last week, you guys got your eating and exercise back to normal and the results on the scales showed. We had some great numbers this week, and I’m really proud that you all got stuck straight back into proper habits. It is perfectly fine to have some naughties every now and then, but it is very important that we don’t let that linger so well done to you all.

It has been awesome to see the growth on-field every week from each team. As I said earlier, the standard of play has improved hugely since week one, and that’s all down to you guys putting in the extra effort with formations, tactics and creating friendships. KFC Barfalona had a team training earlier in the week, and it resulted in their first on-field win for the season so well done lads! Now the weather is warming up, it is much easier to get outside and get some work in together. Team captains, perhaps try and get your teams together one time throughout the week for a training session, it’s a great way to not only improve the on-field aspect, but also burn some more calories and keep building those bonds. Also remember if you have any ideas or things that are working well for you, or maybe things that haven’t, don’t be shy to share them with the other lads. At the end of the day, we’re all here for the same reason.

The gym isn’t for everyone and thats absolutely fine. But to keep the weight coming off, we’ve got to try and find alternative exercise so that it doesn’t become stale.
The couch to 5k is a great way to get some running started, as the program is designed to get sedentary individuals up off the couch and running either 5km or 30 minutes straight within 9 weeks.

Here are some apps that offer workout variations, tracking abilities some motivation. Personally, I think the freeletics app is amazing! All bodyweight workouts designed for people of all abilities. It gives a demonstration of all activities so you can check you’re doing it correctly and it will record how quickly you can complete them, giving you something to aim at next time. Best of all, the app is completely FREE! Try it out.

There are many amazing loser stories on the Man V Fat forum that I think you should check out. They give you a real perspective on what others have been through, and that if you stick to your guns and keep doing the right things, the results will come. Here is one to have a look at.

17th October
6:30 - Black Knights vs Fatalaide United
7 - Fatsal Palace vs KFC Barfalona
7:30 - Red Roosters vs Green Kegs & Ham

Final Words

  1. Some teams are struggling for players with injury, work etc. So if you know anyone, please get them to come and have a look. We are always happy to have new lads join up so get them to send me an email:
  2. I’ve just found something that may be helpful for some of you. The Man V Fat weight-loss manual. It has exercises, busts myths about diets and helps break down the best way for YOU to lose the extra kgs. It’s dead cheap, so consider purchasing it.
  3. I’m always all ears, so if you ever have any questions please don’t be afraid to ask!

Have a great week legends,
Coach Dan