MvF Soccer Gawler - S1 - Week 7 - Halfway Point

A scorching 39 degrees in Gawler yesterday couldn’t even keep you blokes away from the pitch this week, well done lads! Imagine what you would have been like 10 weeks ago, incredible to see the transformations some of you have made already. We are now sitting at a collective loss of 197kg through 7 weeks, unreal! Truly remarkable stuff guys, well done to you all. We also had several new signings this week so please welcome Ryen Archer (Black Knights), Lee Perrey & Shane Sanderson (Fatalaide United), Mauricio Valdivia (Fatsal Palace), David Keogh (KFC Barfalona) and Jason Duck (Red Roosters). Great to have you guys on board, I’m really looking forward to working with you all and seeing your progression.

KFC Barfalona 10-11 Fatalaide United
Red Roosters 5-10 Black Knights
Green Kegs & Ham 13-9 Fatsal Palace

5% Club
We welcome FOUR new members to the 5% club this week. Well done to Huen Andrews (Black Knights), John Dorrestyn (Fatsal Palace), Jerson Rivas (Green Kegs & Ham) and Theo Karafylidis (KFC Barfalona), as always well done guys. Achieving a 5% loss of your body weight is no mean feat and you should all be very proud of your success so far, let’s keep it going!

Big Losses
This week as a collective group, you lost nearly 50 kilograms, that is huge! I noticed that a lot of you changed up the exercise routines adding some higher intensity exercise, some strength training or even just getting out walking for longer. If you haven’t increased your weekly activity yet, no stress, but aim to add in some extra stuff during the week. Think about trying one of the home workouts I posted last week (or even find your own if they don’t take your fancy). Just aim to add a little more in for an extra calorie burn. If you’re struggling or want a few extra tips, contact me on WhatsApp or catch me Thursday and we will work it out for you.

Overeating at times is still an issue for some of you and that’s okay, as they say ‘old habits die hard’. But trying to cut back on portion sizes or over eating bad foods doesn’t have to be difficult. It is simply about creating new habits and new routines that work best for your lifestyle. The following youtube video offers some suggestions on how you can best create these habits.

Chop and Change
I’ve also had many of you ask me about healthy swaps and what to in place of breads etc. Just remember carbs are not the enemy, we do need them for some vital bodily functions. So don’t cut all breads, pastas, potatoes and the rest out, just reduce the portion sizes or time throughout the day that you eat them. If you need some ideas or inspiration however, head to
There is a load of great ideas and small changes you can make to create some big losses on the scales!

6:30 Black Knights vs KFC Barfalona
7 Fatalaide United vs Green Kegs & Ham
7:30 Fatsal Palace vs Red Roosters

Final Words
I’m going to leave you with two videos this week guys (neither weight-loss specific). The first is a motivation/inspiration video narrated by Will Smith. The second I think is appropriate after the weeks events. A video on mindfullness and the power it holds.

Have a great weekend fellas,
Coach Dan