MvF Soccer Gawler - S1 - Week 8 - 200kg Down

Another scorcher in Gawler Thursday ensured plenty of tired legs and sweat. But another cracking week on the scales saw us hit a combined 220kg down since September 5, over two full-grown men! The mental and physical transformations through two months have been incredible from all of you. Everyone should be very proud! We welcomed two new members this week, Duke Huynh (Black Knights) and Jarrod Stansborough (Fatsal Palace), welcome lads! Really looking forward to working with the pair of you.

Fatsal Palace 7 - 11 Red Roosters
Fatalaide United 22 (!!) - 12 Green Kegs & Ham
Black Knights 9 - 9 KFC Barfalona

5% Club
This week we welcome FIVE new members into the 5% club. Huge congratulations to Sam Bond and Liam Pawley (Red Roosters) who’s bonuses helped Red Roosters get over the line this week. Big congratulations also to Richard Kosowski (Green Kegs & Ham), Shane Sanderson (Fatalaide United) and Rob Vaughan (KFC Barfalona). Special mention to Rob for skipping the breakfast buffet in Bali this morning, and opting for fruit and yoghurt instead, champion!

“I am proud of what I am achieving, and enjoying being part of a team with the same goals” - John Dorrestyn, Fatsal Palace. John received his 5% last week and is over the moon about it, congratulations John!

10% CLUB
We have our second inductee into the 10% club this season, so a huge congratulations to Peter Ryan! Peter has worked exceptionally hard to achieve this and deserves all the praise. Peter has also worked diligently at improving his soccer abilities since beginning, and has shown real growth in this area. Well done Peter!

This week, I noticed many of you are increasing your exercise which is fantastic! Remember it doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just increase the intensity, duration or frequency, that’s it! Again if you are struggling for ideas, come and see me for some fresh ones. There is endless different exercises and workouts, so let’s add some variety.

Aiming to have a few plant-based days a week seemed to be the buzz Thursday night, and I think it is an awesome idea! Plant based foods are much more health conscious than animal-based foods i.e. less fat, and are great for weight-loss as it generally means highly processed foods are minimised/cut-out. Plant based diets have also been shown to decrease inflammation and lead to faster recovery which may interest those of you who are still feeling sore after match nights. If you are a little skeptical, Novak Djokovic (who’s pretty good) swears by a plant-based diet as his number one form of recovery, hard to argue with him! You don’t need to have a full plant-based diet, but maybe try a day or two a week, you might be surprised!
Some options: Alternative meat co. Beyond Meat, Macro and Vegie Delights. These brands offer some meat substitutes which are great alternatives if you go down this route.

Just a quick reminder about portion sizes. Even if you are eating the healthiest options, you can still eat too much of a good thing. We still need to be in calorie deficit to lose weight, and eating too much proteins, fats or carbohydrates will inevitably lead to either plateaus or weight gain. To lessen the calorie content of your days, here are some great options:

7th November 2019
6:30 Red Roosters vs Fatalaide United
7 Fatsal Palace vs Black Knights
7:30 Green Kegs & Ham vs KFC Barfalona

Final Words

  1. Our last game for this season is on Thursday the 12th December. I am aiming to arrange a bit of a celebration for afterwards to congratulate all of you on your achievements and a wonderful season. I will advise you of any developments as soon as I know.
  2. Next year we will be kicking off in January/February (TBD). You will automatically be signed up to play-on next year and will be contacted about a kick-off date in the near future. Really looking forward to having you all back and seeing what you all can achieve!

As always have a great weekend fellas!
Coach Dan