MvF Soccer Gawler - S1 - Week 9 - Tough Sledding

Three very close games headlined a great night of soccer Thursday night. The intensity and skills on-field have picked up immensely heading towards seasons end, making for some fascinating play. However it was a tough week on the scales for many of you. Many busy weeks were had with silly season officially beginning, leading to a combined 5.5kg loss. It is vitally important we get back on the right track heading into Christmas, as I’m sure you all want to be looking and feeling good over the holidays (only 7 weeks away)! In saying that let’s get into it…

Green Kegs & Ham 4-5 KFC Barfalona
Fatsal Palace 4-5 Black Knights
Red Roosters 6-11 Fatalaide United

5% Club
This week we welcome Matt McDonald (Fatalaide United) into the 5% club! Our resident human missile has been busting his gut (literally!) to hit this milestone, well done legend!

Silly Season
This was a tough week for many of you and as I’ve said many times, this is going to happen occasionally. Weight loss is almost never linear, and there are going to be weeks that are more challenging than others. However it is so important not to implode when the going gets tough, we cannot self-sabotage. This is when we have to knuckle down and push harder. Really sit down and think about why the weight isn’t shifting, ask yourself the following questions. Are my portion sizes too big? Am I eating too much/too little throughout the day? Am I eating to excess? Am I exercising enough? Is the food being cooked/fried in lots of oil? Am I being honest with my food diary? Remember if the weight is not shifting, there MUST be a reason. Whilst I don’t think calorie counting is perfect, it may interest you to know how much each day you should be eating and drinking if you want to lose weight. Use this calculator: and track your food intake for a few days using the MyFitnessPal app to see how much you’re really eating, it may be very eye opening. If you’re eating too much, replace the rice/potato with salad at dinner. If you’re eating too little add a handful of nuts at snack time and fruit smoothies with breakfast and start there!

Odds & Ends
I’ll end today with a few odd bits and pieces you all may find interesting. Here is a great article about some tips for weight-loss. It also contains some great videos and some interesting facts.
Many of you are really working hard on your diets, cutting out lots of things to try and shift the weight. Whilst this is awesome, if you get to a point where you desperately crave something naughty, have it! One meal won’t ruin a week, just ensure you don’t go overboard, keep the meal size to a minimum and get straight back to your normal eating right away. It will do wonders for your motivation and psyche. Read more about this here:
If you’re struggling for some motivation and thinking the weight is never going to shift, have a read through this amazing loser’s story for some inspiration!

6:30: Black Knights vs Green Kegs & Ham
7 KFC Barfalona vs Red Roosters
7:30 Fatalaide United vs Fatsal Palace

Final Words
I heard some great words in one of the group chats the other day, which I think you will all resonate with. “Remember why you started, it wasn’t to play soccer, it was to lose weight. Don’t get frustrated/fixated on the weekly game, you are shifting weight and adding years to your life. That is the BIG picture”. Thanks for this Matt, I think these are truly awesome words to abide by as the weeks roll on. Keep them in the back of your mind when you feel like things aren’t going your way on the court. This is bigger than a 30 minute game of soccer.

Have an awesome weekend fellas,
Coach Dan