MVF Soccer Gawler - S2 - Week 1 - Kick-Off

We’re off! It’s been a tough old year but we can finally return to some normality and get back into what we enjoy, which is MAN v FAT of course! Great to see so many of you out for the first game of the new season, and I’ll be looking forward to seeing many more over the next 14.

Match Results
White Walkers 3 - 10 OB City
FC Lardalona 2 - 15 Orange Is The New Fat
FC Twente Stone 6 - 3 Droppin’ Loads

The First Seven Days
There are going to be many ups and down along the journey, so keep in mind that this is just the start, and not everything needs to happen in week one. If you come in next week and don’t see a huge loss, do not get discouraged. All bodies work differently, and the weight-loss will come. Focus on making small changes with food and exercise week-by-week, chat to your team mates and myself for some additional ideas and most importantly, relax and enjoy the experience! Also important; I know the soccer is very important and we all want to win and be competitive each week. But remember the reason for being here is not just the soccer, it’s about your long-term health and helping your team-mates & those on other teams along on this journey. The wins on the pitch will come in due time!

Exercise & Recovery
As I discussed with some of you last week, we don’t need to go from zero to one hundred with exercise straight away. Doing this can sometimes lead to injury or just high levels of general soreness which can put you off exercise altogether. Obviously this isn’t what we want, so start smaller and work your way up to doing higher intensity exercise. Firstly increasing your level of incidental exercise is a great way to begin, and can be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work. Follow this link: for some other ideas! Secondly, home-workouts are a great way of getting some exercise in without having to leave the house. Follow this link: for some ideas, and if it becomes or is too easy, chat to me and we can work out some other workouts for you to try.

Which brings me to recovery. For some of you, this might be the first exercise you have done in a while, and pulling up sore is completely normal. However whether it is just general soreness or something slightly more sinister i.e. a pulled muscle, the process remains the same: RICE; Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation ( If you feel sore after a Thursday game, follow the RICE protocol to give you the best chance to get back on the field the following week, which brings me to another important announcement. If injury strikes you down, you can still be a valuable help to your teammates by becoming an off-field contributor. Remember that first and foremost this is a weight loss league, the soccer is just a fun bonus. We have off-field roles and goals for this very reason, so simply by turning up and losing weight you can contribute to your teams success without even needing to play!

If you are stuck for recipes, workout ideas or just want to increase your general knowledge about the body, head over to It has so many fantastic resources and is really worth spending some time looking through. You can’t put a price on your health, and luckily they haven’t as the site is free!
As always, fixtures can be found at

This week we have:
6:30 - Orange Is The New Fat v FC Twente Stone
7 - OB City v Droppin’ Loads
7:30 - White Walkers v FC Lardalona

Remember to aim to arrive half an hour early for weigh-in, and try to hang around and support the other teams if possible. As I said earlier although you’re competing on the court, all the boys need your support to make it through this journey! Get out, exercise and eat well. Make this week the week for change! Any questions, message me whenever you like on WhatsApp.

Have a great week gents,
Coach Dan