MVF Soccer Gawler - S2 Week 2 - Picking Up Steam

What a great week! There were some great performances both on and off field, and I was rapt to see how much some teams have bonded in just one week. We also had many new sign-ups this week which was fantastic to see!

Team Results
Orange Is The New Fat 3-7 FC Twente Stone
OB City 5-2 Droppin’ Loads
White Walkers 4-1 FC Lardalona

MAN 26-0 FAT
So far, you legends have combined to lose 26kg in just one week, which is a fantastic effort. In looking at everyone’s diary, I noticed that you all were making changes to either your food, physical activity or both! This is fantastic to see as although weight-loss can be challenging and frustrating at times, if you stick to this formula you will see results! Big shout-out to Matthew Gee who is currently leading the top scoring chart having lost 2.74% of his starting weight already! There are a load of guys sitting around the 2% mark as well, so it will be a season-long fight for the top spot. Make sure to keep checking the top scorer table at to see who is ranking well. Reminder This isn’t a race to lose weight, and if you haven’t lost much early do not get discouraged. Ask myself, or the top scorers in your team what they are doing, and implement some of those ideas into your own weekly plan.

A few lads came to me this week and had changed their eating completely which is bloody fantastic! However, they had not been eating quite enough under the impression that less calories = more weight loss. Whilst this is true, not eating enough can have an undesired affect, and opens you up to fatigue and more prone to binging. We must make sure we are eating enough food, so if you find yourself starving hungry, add in some extra snacks such as a handful of nuts, some fruit/veg or even protein popcorn (from coles)!
If you are unsure you are whether you’re eating enough, come and have a chat to me and we can figure it out together.

The Good & The Bad
A common theme this week was some of you feeling as though you had a few bad days in amongst the good, which produced some concern towards your weight-loss, and some feelings of guilt. It is perfectly normal to feel some guilt when eating ‘bad’ food, but this does not need to be the case. Our eating cannot always be perfect, and I am a big believer that some ‘bad’ food is good for the soul and mind. As long as the bad food is a treat (1-2x per week), it is not going to put a dent in your weight-loss, and can be just the pick-me-up you need to get through the week. Remember that your change in diet needs to be something you can sustain, and therefore needs to be something you enjoy! It is no good eating chicken breast and rice 10x a week if you don’t enjoy it, because you will not stick to it and end up back eating what you did previously. If you fall off the horse one day, don’t stress and throw the whole week out, just get back on the next day. Remember, lean on myself, your teammates, and the handbook. We are all here to help!

Just another quick PSA: remember RICE; Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation ( If you feel sore after a Thursday game, follow the RICE protocol to give you the best chance to get back on the field the following week.


  1. If you are not yet utilising the forum please do! There are so many great resources on there for diet, exercise and lifestyle, it would be a crying shame if you didn’t use them!
  2. Fixtures can be found at This week we have some good ones on tap!

18:30 FC Lardalona v OB City
19:00 FC Twente Stone v White Walkers
19:30 Droppin’ Loads v Orange Is The New Fat

Remember to get there half hour early for weigh-in, and try to hang around to watch the other lads and give them some support!

Coach Dan