MVF Soccer Gawler - S2 - Week 3 - Full Steam Ahead

3 weeks of football down and plenty more to come! This was the most closely contested night of MvF in some while, with all three games coming down to some late second half goals to decide them. However some incidents in the first game left a sour taste in the mouth. We all just need to remember that this is a weight-loss competition and there is no place for violent conduct in any way, shape or form. Please remember we have families and children who come out to watch, so these types of incidents are completely unacceptable. Now that is out of the way…

Droppin’ Loads 9 - 3 Orange Is The New Fat
FC Twente Stone 5 - 7 White Walkers
FC Lardalona 4 - 4 OB City

MAN 57 - 0 FAT
Huge effort on the scales from everyone saw the group lose over 30kg total for the week, well done lads! For the second week in a row, Matthew Gee (OB City) sits atop the scorers tree with a 3.83% total loss, but many including Chris Martin (FC Twente Stone) trail closely behind! Everyone made some significant changes this week, with many trying new foods or cutting out some bad habits they had picked up over time. Little changes in the eating will make big changes on the scales, so try to make some alterations to your eating patterns each week i.e. reduce your sugar or alcohol intake, have black coffee instead of white, and most importantly increase your water intake if you are having too little. Next week hat-tricks come into play and there are many of you in-line for one, so keep up the great work and the reward will come!

I’ve seen some great passing drills from some teams, and I know getting out onto the field and belting the daylights out of the ball as soon as you rock up is super tempting (I did the same once upon a time). But this isn’t really the best way to warm-up, and perhaps is contributing to the soreness felt by some of you. Over the coming weeks, try implementing some team-warmups that not only help bring you together as a group, but also help you get adequately prepared for the game. Here is a good resource to get you started:

Team Work
What I have been most impressed with so far is the level of team work each of you are displaying not just to your team-mates, but with blokes from other teams. Everyone is being incredibly supportive of each other which is awesome. At the end of the day you are all here for the same reasons, 1. Weight loss. 2. For some fun and 3. To make some new mates with the same goals. In seasons past some teams have met each other mid-week for a training session which not only burns some calories and improves your fitness, but also improves your skill on-court and builds your bond further. If you all live too far apart, try to organize smaller sessions with guys close-by!

The gym isn’t for everyone and thats absolutely fine. But to keep the weight coming off, we’ve got to try and find alternative exercise so that it doesn’t become stale.
The couch to 5k is a great way to get some running started, as the program is designed to get sedentary individuals up off the couch and running either 5km or 30 minutes straight within 9 weeks.

Here are some apps that offer workout variations, tracking abilities some motivation. Personally, I think the freeletics app is amazing! All bodyweight workouts designed for people of all abilities. It gives a demonstration of all activities so you can check you’re doing it correctly and it will record how quickly you can complete them, giving you something to aim at next time. Best of all, the app is completely FREE! Try it out.

Thursday 8th October 2020
6:30 - White Walkers v Droppin’ Loads
7 - OB City v Orange Is The New Fat
7:30 - FC Lardalona v FC Twente Stone

Keep up the great work legends! Any questions, please WhatsApp me and I’ll get back to you ASAP.
Coach Dan