MVF Soccer Gawler - S2 - Week 4 - Gaining Momentum

4 weeks down and what an action packed 4 weeks they have been for better or worse. The good news - as a group, you ticked over 80kg total loss! Huge effort from all of you, and that’s including a long weekend which is always tricky to navigate so well done! The bad news - for the second week in a row, we had another seriously undisciplined incident. Let me be very clear boys; this is completely unacceptable behaviour and has resulted in a life ban for the instigator. This is a social, fun league where weight-loss is the goal! Yes we all want to win, yes we all get frustrated but that is absolutely no excuse for violence and we are stamping it out now. Go away, work hard to lose weight on the scales and come out Thursday night’s for some fun! That’s all we ask…

FC Lardalona 7 - 14 FC Twente Stone
OB City 5 - 7 Orange Is The New Fat
White Walkers 9 - 11 Droppin’ Loads

This is the first week hat-tricks have come into play and we had 10! So congrats to Steven Goodwin (Droppin’ Loads), Michael Hay (FC Lardalona), Aaron van der Kolk, Chris Martin, Glen Coppin, Robert Vaughan (FC Twente Stone), David Kauschke (Orange Is The New Fat), Chris O’Brien and Daniel Watkins (White Walkers)! All of you earned bonus goals for your teams with this achievement, and all inched closer to the 5% Club. We are still yet to have our first entrant this year, but Chris O’Brien leads the way with a 4.57% total loss, will someone get there this week? Fingers crossed!

Plateaus & Struggles
This was a tough week for many of you for varying reasons. AFL Grand Final parties, school holidays and everything in between made this a lean week on the scales. However it is so important that you do not get discouraged! Unfortunately weight loss isn’t linear, and there is going to be peaks and valleys. When we hit a plateau in our weight-loss, this is not a time to revert back to old habits, but to change our current routines and force the fat to shift! Here are some really handy articles outlining some changes you can make to break the plateaus:

Another vitally important part of weight loss is drinking water. Not drinking enough water leads to more water retention, more water retention leads to more water weight retention. Have a read of this article to get a grasp on just how important water is for weight loss.

Remember guys, weight loss is all about calories in vs calories out. If we are hitting struggles, it is either time to cut the calories/portion sizes, or increase our exercise duration/intensity.

Preparation is Key
Another common theme I have been hearing is that lads are working long hours and finding the energy to cook after work is a tough task. The best way to get around this is to start meal prepping. Meal prepping means that after a long day at work, you simply just have to stick a tupperware container in the microwave and bang, you’re done. It saves the stress of cooking at late o’clock, and also saves yourself from making a naughty decision. For some tips and ideas, here’s a great article:

Level Of Competition
In the last few weeks, the level of competition has gone through the roof! We have seen some seriously close games and as such, I think it’s time teams started getting more serious. Here’s a fun little article that explains different formations, and how to get the best out of your team:

Quick Reminder
We’ve had many sign-ups over the last few weeks, but we’re always looking for more! If you have anyone interested, get them out and show them what a fantastic program this is. It’s the best and most enjoyable weight-loss/lifestyle program I’ve been involved with in my 9 years in the industry, and I want to share it with as many people as possible!

18:30 FC Twente Stone VS OB City
19:00 Droppin’ Loads VS FC Lardalona
19:30 Orange Is The New Fat VS White Walkers

That’s all for this week guys. Remember I’m here to help YOU so if you ever need any help at all, get in touch with me through WhatsApp, E-mail (, or come down early and have a chat to me on match nights.

Cheers guys!
Coach Dan