MVF Soccer Gawler - S2 - Week 7 - Plateau City

Another close competitive night on the pitch! The standard of play has been so high the last few weeks, and it’s great to see you guys becoming closer not only as teams but as a collective unit. We’ve now hit the halfway point and it’s more important now than ever that you keep on the straight and narrow as we head into the silly season.

FC Lardalona 4 - 7 White Walkers
Droppin’ Loads 10 - 5 OB City
FC Twente Stone 6 - 3 Orange Is The New Fat

A whole bunch of hat-tricks to celebrate this week! Congrats to Ryan Whiley, Steven Goodwin (Droppin’ Loads), Joe Panfilo (FC Lardalona), Chris Martin (FC Twente Stone), Ben Ulstrup (Orange Is The New Fat), Chris O’Brien and Daniel Watkins (White Walkers). Awesome stuff fellas, keep up the great work!

Many of you are really struggling to drop weight consistently, and that happens sometimes. As I’ve said time and time again, weight loss isn’t linear and there are going to be some challenges along the way. But it often just means we need to change things up! Chris O’Brien has been exceptionally consistent with his weight-loss this season, currently leading the competition with a 9.39% of his starting weight. His secret has been the FitDad program! The programs offers both a diet plan and home workout routine, and although it costs $47, that is for lifetime access! It might not be for everyone, but Chris swears by it and the results show! If you are interested, have a look here:

Other Options
There are so many options out there, so it may take some tinkering to find what is right for you. Some of you may need a whole change such as the keto diet, in which the diet is mainly comprised of fats and proteins. There are many proven benefits, with weight loss being a huge one! Find some more information here: ; and if you have any other questions just ask me!

Some of you will require some smaller changes rather than changing everything completely! If this is the case, have a read through this great article which describes 55 healthy swaps for your diet:

As for exercise, most of you have been incorporating some walking in throughout the week but it’s time to pickup the intensity! I’m not expecting marathons, but try to start adding some small interval runs in to boost your calorie burn. Here are two articles to get you started: AND’s%20how%20to%20start%20with%20a%20basic%20HIIT%20running%20workout.&text=Run%2Fjog%20at%20a%20brisk,“push%2Frest”%20intervals.

OB City VS FC Lardalona
White Walkers VS FC Twente Stone
Orange Is The New Fat VS Droppin’ Loads

Have a great weekend lads! Get out and get some activity in.
Coach Dan