MVF Soccer Gawler - S2 - Week 8

Over half way through now lads. The standard of competition has lifted beyond belief this season, and each game is being played in a fantastic spirit! It’s great to see all teams really gelling and bonding during this experience. It’s been a tough year but we’re finishing on a high!

Orange Is The New Fat 10 - 6 Droppin’ Loads
White Walkers 5 - 13 FC Twente Stone
OB City 7 - 6 FC Lardalona

More hatties again this week! Congrats to Adrian David, Michael Hay (FC Lardalona), Aaron van der Kolk (FC Twente Stone), Aaron Hellawell (OB City) and David Kauschke (Orange Is The New Fat)! Awesome work boys, keep it up!

10% CLUB
We have our first entrant into the 10% Club for the season! This man struggled for consistency in season 1, broke his foot in season 2 and is now absolutely flying! Sensational work Chris O’Brien (white Walkers)! You have put in some very hard yards over the last few seasons and it’s all paying off now, a truly well deserved milestone. Well done!

You guys have made some hugely positive changes to your eating habits and overall are doing really well! However the last few weeks I have seen some of you restricting your food intake far too much in the hopes of dropping extra kilos. Our bodies need calories to fuel our every day lives, and when we add in exercise, we need even more again! It is so important to eat enough calories especially when trying to lose weight, as if you dip into too much of a calorie deficit your body will burn more muscle than fat, and will slow down your metabolism to conserve the few calories you are consuming. I’m not saying that you need to start counting your calories, but if you are feeling any of the symptoms listed in these articles: & then perhaps try to add in some extra calories rather than reducing them.

Simple Tips
Sometimes we overthink what we need to do to drop kilos, and go over the top in the quest! Weight loss is simply calories in vs calories out.

If food is the issue, have a read through this article for some simple weight loss tips from the diet doctor:

If movement is your problem, GET UP AND MOVE! This can be literally anything! Everything we do burns calories. Go for walks after work, do some 15 minute at home workouts, get on a treadmill at a high incline and walk - just move. It all helps!

If you have lost sight of why you’re doing this, use this handy MAN v FAT Goal Setting tool to re-evaluate what you want to get out of this:

6:30pm Droppin’ Loads VS White Walkers
7pm Orange Is The New Fat VS OB City
7:30pm FC Twente Stone VS FC Lardalona

Have a great weekend lads! If you have any questions, issues or just want a chat, message me on WhatsApp and we can work through it!

Coach Dan