MVF Soccer UWA Pro Tips 2 - Dino, Ryan and Stephan



337kg down. Not bad for 9 weeks. We’re closing in on the end of the season, 28 men have hit their 5% targets, and 80% of the guys in the program have lost weight!

In the spirit of the post I made two weeks ago, we’ve got a few more pieces of advice to share. Each person takes a slightly different approach to their weight loss - and that’s, in a way, the point. There’s no one method, no one diet, no perfect pill that will help you lose weight. Everyone is a little different, and it’s important to find your niche when shedding the kilos. As with Serge’s post - I’m not editing or changing up the words used, and instead letting the guys speak for themselves!

Tim out :sunglasses:

Dino Spagnoli, Burnley Calories Captain
Q: If you had a piece of advice for the other guys in the league who aren’t doing so well, what would that be?

A: I’d say writing down what you eat is really influential. You really don’t think about what you eat and the size portions of what you make. I also try to have little bits in my daily life that increase my general exercise. For example, I work one side of the campus, but I park on the north side so I’ve always got to do that walk from the car, just to get a bit more active.

Ryan McGivern, Juggernauts

Q: If you had a piece of advice for the other guys in the league who aren’t doing so well, what would that be?

RM: People that aren’t losing weight doing this program, stop being so fat and lazy.

Q: Is that what you’re doing?

RM: Stop being fat and lazy? Yes. Just stop eating so much rubbish. Haven’t changed anything too much, just don’t get 3 or 4 takeaways a week. I’m not particularly doing exercise out of this, so if I can do it. I’ve never had to lose weight until I got this size, but it’s the first time I’ve ever tried. Just thinking about it before you eat something.

Q: What have you been eating?

RM: I actually probably eat more now than I ever did. I think my issue was the times that I ate and what I ate. So, I typically would have went all day and my first meal would have been dinner, 7 or 8 o’clock and then bed, and three or four times a week takeaway. Now I’m having salads or whatever for lunch.

Q: Are you cooking?

RM: No, my wife does, we’ve had this conversation already. I had one week that was bad and it was because she couldn’t be bothered. But she’s making it for the kids anyway. But yeah, just not, just staying away from silly stuff, chocolate, staying away from the Irish salad, chips. That’s it. Being an all-round legend.

Stephen Lynch, Juggernauts Captain
Q: If you had a piece of advice for the other guys in the league who aren’t doing so well, what would that be?

SL: If you’re not really hitting your goals guys, you know, you just gotta focus. You know control, really just find some inspiration. Just recently I was watching some old Bruce Lee interviews, just getting some spiritual and physical motivation. You can do it, pretty much, it’s easy. It’s portion size, mainly portion size. I’m cutting out a lot of treats, slowly coming down off treats. I’m a bit of an iced coffee addict, so I went down from the highest strength to light iced coffee, now I’m just not even having it. It’s just stuff that you know, just think of low-carbs if you really want to hit it. There’s all sorts of websites you can google. You know, you don’t have to follow any fancy diets, you’re smart enough to make decisions on your own, so just go for it.

The only sort of working out, exercising I’m really doing a lot of other than just walking, I’m doing a bit of spin cycles, I really wanna get – spin cycle from Netflix. I do a lot of that, listen to music from Youtube, I really, later on I want to get some upper strength sort of things going, maybe get some weights. Definitely on my way, last two weeks I’m very lucky to get in on the, I think I weighed in 250 grams the last two weeks.

But I’m going to go back to the start of my book and see what I was doing differently. Basically, it’s kind of like Mario Kart, and you hit that best race time, that ghost is you. The only competition is you. Everyone’s different.