MVF Soccer UWA - S2 - Week 14 - End of Season 2!

365 Kgs lost over 14 weeks
27 men hitting their 5%
95% of men losing weight at the conclusion of season 3!

What a great season!!!

As always, we are in awe over what you men have dedicate yourself to over the course of this season. It has been a challenging season given some of the troubles we encountered at the start, and also having the huge Easter and Anzac holidays didn’t prevent you lads from maintaining your weight-loss. Week in, week out you have shown me what dedication and determination can do to improve your own health. Final inductee to the 10% club for this season is Ian MacD (Jolly Green Giants)! Congratulations!

Given that this is my last post for the season, I want to acknowledge some of the incredible achievements in this league.

  • Fatburn Rovers for taking the champion spot for season 2! This team has been undefeated since we kicked off the season, and are at the top of BOTH pitch and scales! What a feat! Big hearty congratulations to them!

  • Congratulations also goes out to this season’s Biggest Loser Ullrich Ecker with a whopping 17.42% weight loss! This man has been consistent with his weight-loss game this season and it has paid off in the end. Coming second is veteran Nick Vuckovic who lost 14.91% and is the top scorer for this season! His weight loss has not stopped since he joined in season 1!

  • Special shout-out goes to Chris Bye, our biggest lad this season who not only shows up every week with a smile on his face but also showed the determination that led him to lose 15.8kgs this season. Really impressive effort!

Now that the season’s done, I’d like to encourage all of you to just take a moment and think back to where you were and how you felt just three months ago on the night that you showed up for registration. Think about the physical changes over that time, and all the things you’ve done to make that happen – drinking less, eating healthier, finding more time to exercise… all really big things that will have done you the world of good.

As we move into the new season, some of you might be changing leagues, others might be leaving the program because they have achieved what they set out to do. Whichever the case, do remember that you will always be part of the MANvFAT family and we wish you all the best in achieving your future goals. For those of you who are still sticking around, you might want to start thinking about what goals you would like to achieve in season 3, and if you need help thinking about your goals, feel free to reach out to your team mates or me. Next Week, we have the presentations and info night coming up on Wednesday at 630pm, so no games. Enjoy the week off and get ready for a brand new season!

Signing off for the final post of season 2.

Coach B!