MVF Soccer UWA - S2 - Week 3 - First Inductees to the 5% Club



Men of UWA, well done for another terrific week. Great to see so many guys filling in the handbooks, warming up ahead of games, enjoying the matches, and most importantly, losing weight. And it’s great to see so many of you encouraging each other off and on the pitch – that’s exactly what we’re all here for.

MAN 43 – 0 FAT … The scoreboard reads 43kg lost this week. This puts our league weight loss counter up to 176kg! It was great to see a group of you guys hit your first weight loss hat-tricks on Wednesday – huge congratulations for such a consistent start to the season. If you can keep that consistency going over the rest of the season, even a small loss each week will amount to a huge result by week 14. And we couldn’t post this week without a well-deserved shout-out to the new inductees of the ‘5% club’ for this season – Chris B (Apex), Ullrich E (Fatchester), Alec C (Hardly Athletic), Adrian M (Kebabs), & Serge D (Kebabs). If you’ve been up and down or having difficulties with your weight loss so far, then seek out one of the hat-trick guys or 5% club and bend their ear to get ideas about what might help you. Having spoken with a lot of them this week, it seemed that they had just worked out (and were really committed to) some sensible, small changes, which were paying off big time on the scales. Great effort across the league, guys – keep it up!

Keeping up with weight-loss … Massive scores off the pitch has shown to make a difference in overall results, with Kebabs equalizing their match by hitting 12 goals even before the match started! Goes to show again that scoring off the pitch can make all the difference. So let’s keep up with the weight-loss! To help keep you on track, and because it’s a long weekend, start thinking about barriers and obstacles that might present themselves throughout the season. It’s important to have in mind some ways that will help you overcome these obstacles. Whether it’s eating reducing portion sizes, eating slowly (, or getting better at recognising your ‘triggers’, there are lots of ways you can keep an eye on food and drink options. Setting weekly goals for your target weight is a great start, but working out (and sticking to) a good plan for how to get there is what really makes those goals work – think about WHAT you’re going to do, as well as WHEN, WHERE, and HOW you’re going to reach your goal. If you’d like to have a look at how exactly you might go about adding some exercise to your weekly schedule, give a read. And, if you’re not going quite as well as you’d like, have a close look at your handbook entries to see where you can make some small changes.

Lastly, it was awesome to see great sportsmanship last night with everyone having fun and playing hard. That said, we have had quite a few injuries over the last few weeks and as I said before, we want you to lose weight AND stay in one piece! So do remember that while it’s good to be competitive and to play hard, do keep yourself safe by not over doing what your body is currently able to handle, and by keeping safety for you and your fellow weight-loss comrades the top priority.

Enjoy the long weekend lads and I look forward to an exciting night next Wednesday!

Coach B