MVF Soccer UWA - S2 - Week 5 - And the Weights Keep Dropping



Week 5 was another really strong week on and off the scales.

This week, MAN 30 – 0 FAT … A huge week of weight loss that puts our current season weight loss count at 223kg! Such great momentum for weight loss this season! While there are no additions to the 5% club this week, a few of you are really close and are bound to join the club next week. So keep at it lads!

Having good days and dealing with bad ones… A number of you have mentioned that you had experienced some good and some bad days over the last weeks. Some of you might be feeling guilty or feeling down because of those bad days. Remember weight-loss is a journey, it will be challenging, and we will have bad days ( But bad days are not what define us, rather how we choose to deal with those days can have an impact. If you are starting off with more bad days than good, try converting just one of those bad days to good days. Before you know it, the good days will start taking over the bad days. Here are some tips on how you might convert those bad days to good ones

Healthy eating … So now you have slowly reduced your portion sizes and started to make changes to your diet. But we can sometimes be tempted to go for that bag of chips or piece of cookie (I know I do!), so what are some healthier alternatives? You can consider swapping chips with sweet potato chips, or your favourite slice of pizza (e.g., pepperoni, Aussie BBQ) with a vegetable-full alternative (e.g., spinach and buffalo cheese, roast chicken breast). You can follow this link to find more suggestions If you wanted more food ideas or recipes you can follow this link too

As always, a great list of match-ups awaits in Matchday 6. Fatburn Rovers and Hardly Athletic kick things off at 6:30. We round things off at 8pm, Jaffas will be looking to challenge Fatchester United! Let’s continue putting in the hard work this week and look forward to a night of fun and laughter next Wednesday!

Have a great week lads!

Coach B