MVF Soccer UWA - S2 - Week 9 - League Spirit!



Continuing the steamrolling this week in the MANvFAT Soccer League – our running total of weight lost is 326kg ! The list of 5%ers is ever expanding; congratulations this week goes to Jason O & Michael H (Hardly Athletic), Ross D (RSK), and Dan V & Tim M (Jaffas)! Also joining the 10% hall-of-famers is Nick V (Jaffas)! Well done, gentlemen!

The final push… We’re entering the final quarter of the season. Many of you have made huge amounts of progress on the scales, and developed well as teams. Let’s keep that spirit going strong, not just as a team but as a league, in the last five weeks of the season!

The key element to keep us going is to remember the basics: calories in, and calories out. Don’t forget, as you lose weight your daily caloric needs will drop too. The key to keeping the weight coming off is to maintain the calorie deficit. Either that means trimming a little off your regular meals, cutting sugar from your coffees, switching from the pint to middy – the ways are endless. Or, you can up the intensity in your weekly exercise. It may be a good idea to have a quick look back over the weeks – what were you doing that worked?

My second word of advice is to encourage you to obtain plenty of sleep. Getting sufficient shut-eye has been shown to be an important factor in weight-loss—it will help you to avoid cravings and make healthy food choices ( If you want to find out more on how to get a better night sleep, follow this link:

Lastly, I just want to say that while it is great that we are all competitive and it is something that keeps many of us going, but do remember that we are here for the weight-loss and to have fun! Overly aggressive behaviour and bad language directed at someone is frowned upon in our league. But of course accidents can happen and emotions can run high sometimes too. A simple “sorry about that” or “are you alright?” can go a long way in keeping the right atmosphere within our league. Let’s all pitch in and do our part in maintaining the supportive atmosphere we have going! :grinning:

Next week, heating up the pitch at 630pm is Apex Predators vs. Jolly Green Giants! The weather has turned nice and cool over the recent weeks, so come on down early for your weigh-ins, enjoy some banter and warm-up for your games. Looking forward to another exciting night next Wednesday! Have a great weekend boys!

Coach B