MVF Soccer UWA - S3 - Week 13 - Finals Week!

Great week as always at MANvFAT Soccer UWA! Great matches between players, and even better sportsmanship seen on the pitch on Wednesday night! Love seeing you boys supporting each other and making sure everyone enjoyed their games.

This week four men have hit their hat tricks! Cameron G (Donuts), Greg O & Ryan F (Gutbusters), and Matthew C (Dark Force) are not slowing down even towards the end of the season! Let’s all follow their lead and keep losing those weight!

Putting it all together… Throughout this season we’ve been sharing different tips and ideas to help you along on your weight-loss journey, and you’ve been doing the same. In our second last week, I thought it would be nice just to recap some of the key things that we’ve learned over the season…

  • Make small changes that last – Whether it’s reducing portion sizes, drinking more water, or being more active. Remember that behaviours you can sustain over the long-term are far better than short-term temporary fixes.
  • Expect bad days – We face challenges and setbacks in everything we do – and losing weight is no different. Whenever you have a bad day – be it overindulging or feeling a little worse for wear the morning after a few drinks, just dust yourself off and get back on track. You’ve proved to yourselves by now that you are capable of having lots more good days than bad days.
  • Plan – Part of preventing those bad days is to put plans into action to prevent lapsing into unhealthy behaviours. So it might be worth thinking about how you can keep weight off or (at least) minimise the weight gain.
  • Check food labels for hidden calories – Remember, some food items have more calories than you think. Read the labels or better yet, make your own meals.
  • Keep getting enough shut eye – Sleep keeps us functioning, and keeps the weight off.
  • Calories-in, calories-out – to keep losing weight, always think about that equation, and put more out than in.
  • GOALS – Set some S.M.A.R.T . goals for after the season has ended.

Just one more night of games next week before we wrap up the current season! Let’s keep this excellent spirit going all the way til the end!

Coach B