MVF Soccer UWA - S3 - Week 14 - Season Finale!

What an end to a great season 3 at MAN v FAT Soccer UWA!

Over this season:
14 men lost 5% or more of their body weight;
4 men are in their healthy BMI range;
80% of you boys have lost weight.

That is fantastic stuff! All your hard work has not gone unrewarded! And to show that, this week a few of you have made the final push and hit your final bonuses for this season! Three of you made your final hat tricks: Ric H (Donuts), Paul S (Fatzio), & Ravi P (Kilos). Two of you made it just in time to the 5%-club: Imran K (Fatzio), & Matthew C (Dark Force). And one of you jumped across the finish line to join the 10%-club: Ravi P (Kilos). Excellent job everyone! This is the kind of attitude we want to see across all our leagues!

Given that this is my last post for the season, I want to acknowledge some of the incredible achievements in this league.

  • Borussia Donuts for taking the champion spot for season 3! This team has shown to have great communication among their members and it has been rewarded with them being crowned the champs for this season. Great job lads!

  • Congratulations also goes out to this season’s Biggest Loser and Top Scorer Ravi Proheea with a whopping 11.21% weight loss! This man has been consistent with his weight-loss game this season and it has paid off in the end. Coming second is our previous biggest loser from season 2, Ullrich Ecker who lost 10.04%! This man has been keeping all the players focused on the weight-loss game by continuing his weight-loss since last season! Congratulations to both these men!

With the end of the season comes another season waiting to begin! Some of you might be changing leagues, others might be leaving the program because they have achieved what they set out to do. Whichever the case, do remember that you will always be part of the MANvFAT family and we wish you all the best in achieving your future goals. For those of you who are still sticking around, you might want to start thinking about what goals you would like to achieve in the next season, it could be the next ‘number’ you want to reach or it could be how you might lead your team to be the next champions. There are always be something that would suit you. If you need help thinking about your goals, feel free to reach out to your team mates or me. Next week, you will be in your new teams and will have a friendly kick around. Matches next week will not be counted towards the season’s ladder. Fixtures and team rosters will be out over the weekend. Enjoy the week and get ready for a brand new season!

Signing off for the final post of season 3.

Coach B!

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