MVF Soccer UWA - S3 - Week 2 - Shaving the kilos one gram at a time!

It has been a great week at MANvFAT UWA! 67KGs lost this week and many of you are inching towards your 5% bonus, even with the long weekend! Such incredible effort all around. Let’s keep this momentum going.

Continuing to Score… Love to see handbooks filled with detail! Goes to show how much effort all of you are putting into achieving your weight-loss goals! It was great to hear that many of you are on-board with making gradual changes to your diet, whether it is reducing portion sizes or swapping sinful foods with healthier options. Your efforts were definitely showing on the scales! So keep making and sticking to those changes! Remember it’s better to stick to one change at a time, rather than making ten changes and sticking to none!

Slow and steady always wins the weight loss race… we want MAN v FAT to help you make changes that can be maintained for the long term. So, if you’re working out how best to score off-pitch goals, think about things you can do for months or years, not days or weeks. We’re into a new week now, and we’re still really early in the program so we’re all working out what will and won’t work. And, if you need some advice on what other strategies you can use to help with your weight-loss, feel free to tap onto the knowledge of your team mates or jump on the league whatsapp group and ask a question. I am sure everyone is more than happy to share their top tips and weight loss secrets.

Weather on Wednesday is looking nice and cool for a fiery night of match ups for our MANvFAT league. As always I’ll be there by 530pm, so if you wanted to dropby for a chat (or help with setting up), you are more than welcome to do so!

Have a great weekend lads!

Coach B

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