MVF Soccer UWA - S3 - Week 3 - Teams Regrouped, Let's go!

Once again, it has been another great week here at MANvFAT UWA! Teams have finally been sorted and we are now at 87Kgs lost in three weeks! It is all thanks to your efforts, day-in & day-out, that we have managed to get here. So excellent work everyone. This week we also have our very first person, this season, who has joined the 5%-club; Graeme R (Gutbusters)! Give this man a pat on his back for a job well done!

Recovery… Some of you might still be sore from sprinting around the pitch on Wednesday night and are trying to recover. One thing you can do to facilitate recovery is to stretch. Doing some light stretching can not only aid you in recovery, but also prevent future injuries. Main muscles to work on would be your quads (thighs), hamstrings (back of legs) and calves. Follow this link for some stretches you can do to work those muscles . Please make sure you continue to warm up and not to go beyond your limits. Remember that you can keep scoring goals for your team even if you are unable to play. So keep up with the weight-loss!

Team Play… Teamwork is the word that we most frequently use here at MANvFAT. Every player’s effort during the week plays a big part on how the team performs, and it has been great to hear about how players are helping their team mates along with their weekly weight-loss journey. Why stop there? Lets show more team play on the field as well. If one of your team mates is getting tired, why not offer to sub? If you have had some time on the field but there are others who have not, why not share some of the time on the pitch and let everyone get a chance to play? Working as a team off and on the pitch, can definitely help your team grow better. Which means WE grow better as a league! =)

That’s all from me this week. We will be updating the fixtures soon, so keep an eye on our MANvFAT UWA page ( for the latest updates. Next Wednesday is looking good for us to kick off another night of exciting matches, so time to keep up the weight loss and get ready for next week! Enjoy the rest of the week lads!

Coach B