MVF Soccer UWA - S3 - Week 4 - Burning the Calories in the Cold!

Great week again at MANvFAT UWA! Our 5% club is slowly growing and this week, we have returning veteran Richard H (Borussia Donut) among the first few joining the club. Pat this man on the back for a job well-done. Also make sure you have a chat with him if you wanted some tips on how he has managed his weight-loss!

Winter Struggles… Few of you have been talking about how winter has brought about a change in your usual diet routines, and have made it harder to keep up with the weight-loss. Actually the colder weather stimulates your body to burn more calories throughout the day! BUT before you decide to play in your birthday suit next Wednesday(!), follow this link here to find out more about how the cold helps with fat burn ( What about meals though? Many of you are probably (at least I am) craving for warm stews and starchy soups. There are some strategies that can help with curbing those cravings. Adding spices (e.g., cinnamon, ginger) into your food or drink can help you feel warmer and helps jumpstart your fatburn for the day! For more tips checkout these other links; ;

Formations… As we get settled into the matches by this point in the season, I’ve heard talks about formations and tactics. For those who want a bit of inspiration for next week, here’s a link from the main site that might help you out:

That’s all from me this week! Have a great week ahead and see all of you next Wednesday for a night of exciting match ups!

Coach B