MVF Soccer UWA - S3 - Week 6 - Ups and Downs!

Another exciting week at MANvFAT UWA! Great seeing the massive efforts on Wednesday night, and importantly everyone was having fun. Three more lads have joined the 5% hall of fame; Graeme S & Leon S (Borussia Donuts), and Clint B (Fatzio). Great job boys, be sure to grab them the next time you see them and ask for their top tips for weight-loss!

Weight Fluctuations… This week some of you have mentioned that you seem to be doing everything right (e.g., reducing portion sizes, cutting back on alcohol) but for some reason your weight doesn’t seem to be going down. Few things might be causing this, you drank too much water, your body is retaining water (e.g., from having too much sodium or starchy food), or you just recovered from an illness. All these factors can potentially cause fluctuations in your weight even if seem to be doing everything right. Check out this website to find out more about weight fluctuations and how you can get the best gauge of your weight:

Healthy swaps … A few guys have asked about ideas for some healthier alternatives to your daily food options. A handful of nuts can be a great swap for other savoury snacks like chips. I know a few of you guys are also swapping in fruit to replace sugary snacks. Brown bread instead of white, low fat milk in place of full fat, veggie sticks instead of hot chips, and so on. There are some great suggestions here, too:

That’s all from me this week. Next week is full of great match ups so get ready for a night of fancy footwork and graceful saves! Remember, playing hard on the pitch is important, but what you do day-in day-out is truly what is going to make a difference for you! Have a great week guys!

Coach B