MVF Soccer UWA - S3 - Week 7 - 400!

Twas a great night at MANvFAT UWA! Though we were slightly lower on numbers due to the game at Optus Stadium, but those of you who came down still played hard and gave it your 110%! For the rest of you who didn’t make it, I’m sure you still put in the effort on your weight-loss and that you were there with us in spirit!

~400g… That was the average amount of weight-loss this week! While it may not seem like a huge number to some, it is actually a very good pace for effective weight-loss. Many of us would hope to see huge drops in our weight each week, but research suggests that it may not be sustainable ( We want the weight to drop, but also for it to stay off! Remember, 400g over 14 weeks = 5.6kgs! For a person weighing 100kgs, that’s more than 5% bodyweight (bonus for your team)!

While we are on the topic of gradual weightloss, one thing to watch out for is that some healthier food alternatives contain more calories than you might think! E.g. some granola can have about 597 calories per cup, which is about the same or more calories than a roast chicken thigh! Check this link ( for other food items that might be deceiving you, and are sabotaging your efforts!

That’s it from me this week. I won’t be here for the next two weeks as I am graduating and will be away from Perth. In my place, Coach Bryan will be there on Wednesday night. Keep the weight-loss going and I will see all of you in two weeks!