MVF Soccer UWA - S4 - Week 11 - Three More Weeks to Go for the Year!

Another excellent week here at MAN v FAT Soccer UWA! Great effort from all of you boys over the last week and we have a few players achieving their bonuses. 5%-Club: Oliver P (Lime), and Alastair M (Man); Hat trickers: Adrian P (Lime), Clint B (Man), Peter W (Marshmallow), Gary K (Roosters), and Carl M, Dave B & Russel B (Subs). Great work gents! Let’s keep this going for the final few weeks!

The final push… As we approach the end of the fourth season of MAN v FAT UWA, make sure we go the distance – a few of you are closing in on your 5% and 10% targets. Let’s not leave any stones unturned. Keep up the support, share your goals, update your team on the exercise you do through the week, look through the handbooks for any small changes you can make that ensure you’ll come away from this season with the result you want – and deserve.

To the next level… Continuing from last weeks post on maintaining your weight-loss and calorie deficits, this week I want to share with you a strategy which is to plan ahead and meal prep!

The advantages of meal prepping are that you control ingredients and quantities (i.e., the calories) – you know exactly what’s going in. Another added bonus is well-planned meal prepping can save time you could better use on other things, such as exercising. Meal-prepping doesn’t need to involve cooking bland food, and it can help prevent you getting tempted to eat those weight loss killers such as pizza or carbonara pasta.

You can read about other advantages to meal prep at this link:

Please remember that you don’t have to meal prep for every single bite you eat throughout the week. Maybe you prep for certain meals that you find are typically more ‘problematic’ than others, such as lunches and dinners through the working week.

To get the skinny on meal prep, follow either of the links below J

Meal prep

Recipes ideas

I will be posting up the fixtures for our End of Year extravaganza soon! So for those who have registered to play the social matches, keep you eyes peeled for who you might be playing! That’s all from me this week lads, have a great week and see you next Wednesday!

Coach B