MVF Soccer UWA - S4 - Week 14 - That's a Wrap For 2019!

14 Weeks, 48 Men, 77% Lost Weight importantly everyone gave 100% EFFORT!

A brilliant night to end the final night of the season and 2019! Appreciate everyone for coming down and to some of you who played back to back matches! Amazing stuff! Great job to Alastair M (Man Titty) & Ian McD (Yellow Subs) for hitting their final hat tricks and Chris B (Man Titty) for joining the 10% club! Important shout outs go to:

  • Yellow Subs & Lime, Sweat & Tears are both the CHAMPIONS for this season! First time in MAN v FAT Soccer history to have two champions for a season, great job teams! Excellent effort all round!

  • Marshmallow men, who have been consistent with their weight-loss game every week and . topped the charts for off-pitch wins!

  • Tiago de Souza who is the Top Scorer and Biggest Loser (12.85% body weight loss) for this season! Many of you will know Tiago is a force to be reckon with not just on the pitch but also off the pitch! So this accolade should definitely go to him. Well-done my friend!

Now that the season’s done, I’d like to encourage all of you to just take a moment and think back to where you were and how you felt when you first registered for the program. Think about the physical changes over that time, and all the things you’ve done to make that happen – drinking less, eating healthier, finding more time to exercise… all really big things that will have done you the world of good.

It has been a brilliant journey personally. Being able to meet many fantastic blokes and have had many great conversations. Most importantly, being able to see the effort and commitment that all of you put into your own weight-loss has been a motivation to myself as well. You are all an inspiration, so don’t forget that! As many of you know by know, this is my last season as coach and will be moving over to Queensland (Townsville) to take on a job as a lecturer at James Cook University. Many things on my mind, but one of the biggest ones is (and will continue to be) that my Wednesday nights are no longer quite the same. I will miss the great banter and the many faces that I have become familiar with over the last year or so.

As I ‘ride off into the sunset’, I have a few words that I hope you lads will remember. This league is a competition (definitely), so you should use the competition to fuel your efforts and help you stay on track. But don’t forget, the blokes you are playing against are just the same as you, trying to achieve weight-loss. Everyone is facing their own struggles and are looking for support from similar others. We are a league, not just individuals or teams. So keep supporting each other on and off the pitch regardless of teams (which I see many of you do), and let’s help more men get fitter and healthier! WE ARE A LEAGUE!

Have a great holiday season gents! A very merry Christmas to all, and a happy and healthy new year

Coach B
Final Sign-Off