MVF Soccer UWA - S4 - Week 2 - In the Beginning

It’s been a great week at MvF UWA! Thank you for the many warm welcome backs! It’s always a good feeling to catch up with many familiar faces and at the same time meeting new ones. As this is my first post of this season, I would like to ‘formally’ welcome all our new players to the league, and to all our returning vets… WELCOME BACK!

This week, we are keeping the weight-loss rolling and have hit the 45kg mark! Nice work lads! As always, its due to your efforts day-in day-out that makes this possible. So keep up the good work as we continue into the season.

Don’t go crazy… we’re not here to tell you exactly what to do to bring about weight loss change and some of you are already on the right track, but my first bit of advice (especially for those who are new to weight-loss) is that (healthy) weight loss is a gradual process - use the handbook (it is more useful than you might think), make some small changes (milk / sugar out of your morning tea / coffee, smaller plates and smaller portion sizes) and see how you travel on the scales. If that’s doing the trick, keep at it! If not, speak to your team mates or me during your weigh-in, and look at what you’ve written down in the handbook. Importantly, any weight loss week-by-week scores you off-pitch goals for your team, so there’s no rush. Also the vets know the ropes, and no doubt have plenty of tips and tricks that could help you shift the weight, so don’t be afraid to ask them. The WhatsApp groups are there for you to have some banter, some fun, but also to help each other out.

Just a reminder that all the fixtures and results are available @

Thats all from me this week. Enjoy the long weekend and see you all next Wednesday night!

Coach B out!