MVF Soccer UWA - S4 - Week 3 - Long Weekends

Week 3 at MAN v FAT Soccer UWA League done and dusted! It has been an awesome week as always with many of you avoiding the weight gain over the long weekend, and instead maintained your weigh-loss. Good job lads!

Dealing with Events… In the chats that I’ve had this week, one main thing that came up is how special occasions (e.g., grand finals weekend, Christmas, visiting family) can detract many of us from our dieting efforts. Barriers and obstacles will present themselves throughout the season, and it’s important to have in mind some ways that will help you overcome these obstacles. Whether it’s eating reducing portion sizes, eating slowly (, or getting better at recognising your ‘triggers’, there are lots of ways you can keep an eye on food and drink options. Setting weekly goals for your target weight is a great start, but working out (and sticking to) a good plan for how to get there is what really makes those goals work – think about WHAT you’re going to do, as well as WHEN, WHERE, and HOW you’re going to reach your goal. If you’d like to have a look at how exactly you might go about adding some exercise to your weekly schedule, give a read. And, if you’re not going quite as well as you’d like, have a close look at your handbook entries to see where you can make some small changes.

Slow and steady always wins the weight loss race… we want MAN v FAT to help you make changes that can be maintained for the long term. So, if you’re working out how best to score off-pitch goals, think about things you can do for months or years, not days or weeks. For the guys who weighed in above registration weight – don’t stress, and do not let yourself feel defeated. We’re into a new week now, and we’re still really early in the program so we’re all working out what will and won’t work. And, if one or more of your teammates weighed in above registration weight – make it your job to get behind them and to work as a team. Weight fluctuates, and we’re in this for the long haul.

That’s it from me this week! Looking forward to next Wednesday night already! Have a great week boys!

Coach B