MVF Soccer UWA - S4 - Week 4 - First Quarter of the Season Done!

Another week at MAN v FAT UWA done and we are now past the first quarter of the season. We are currently sitting at 60kgs lost over the last 4 weeks! Very nice work everyone. This week we welcome Tiago de Souza (Red Roosters) as the first lad to enter the 5% club for this season! Well done mate! A couple of you have also hit your hat-tricks this week; Matthew C (Rhinos), Alastair M (Man Titty), Josh D & Stephan L (Marshmallow), and Ravi P (Yellow Sub). Give this men a pat on their backs and they just might share their secret to hitting those goals!

Teamwork… One really important thing we’ve heard from coaches in the UK and from previous seasons is that teams that communicate well (not just on the pitch) were usually the ones who did best across the season. The same has been the case here at UWA, too. Don’t be shy to share your goals, your thoughts, and your secret food recipes with your teammates. If you’ve had a good week, let them know what worked; if you had a bad week, talk about what went wrong, and share ideas to shift direction and lose the weight. And, if you’ve got people in your team who are shedding the kilos, get around them and celebrate just like you would for goals on the pitch. Remember we are all here to support each other! So start leaning on each other when you need it!

Formations… As we get settled into the matches by this point in the season, I’ve heard lots of talk about formations and tactics. For those who want a bit of inspiration for next week, here’s a link from the main site that might help you out:

That’s all from me this week! As always, I am already looking forward to chatting with you boys next Friday night! Weather forecast seems to be good as well, so I am sure we will be ready to rock-n-roll on Wednesday. Have a great week lads!

Coach B