MVF Soccer UWA - S4 - Week 6 -

Rainy night this week at UWA, but that did not dampen our spirits at all! Great to see all many of you boys turning up, weighing in, and playing hard on the pitch despite the rain. Well done lads! It’s this kind of determination that is best for driving your weight-loss efforts. Shout out to Daniel T (Lime), Glenn H (Marshmellow), Tiago de S (Roosters), and Josh N (Subs) for hitting their hat tricks this week! Well done men!

Weight Fluctuations… This week some of you have mentioned that you seem to be doing everything right (e.g., reducing portion sizes, cutting back on alcohol) but for some reason your weight doesn’t seem to be going down. Few things might be causing this, you drank too much water, your body is retaining water (e.g., from having too much sodium or starchy food), or you just recovered from an illness. All these factors can potentially cause fluctuations in your weight even if seem to be doing everything right. Check out this website to find out more about weight fluctuations and how you can get the best gauge of your weight:

Healthy swaps… A few guys have asked about ideas for some healthier alternatives to your daily food options. A handful of nuts can be a great swap for other savoury snacks like chips. I know a few of you guys are also swapping in fruit to replace sugary snacks. Brown bread instead of white, low fat milk in place of full fat, veggie sticks instead of hot chips, and so on. There are some great suggestions here, too:

Importantly, one of the best ways to avoid eating snacks (and is mentioned by a few of our players) is to not have them at home in the first place! So a good plan might be to clear out your cupboard/fridge of snacks, which can help you with controlling your calorie intake.

Lastly, a request from our ref is for our boys to move along quickly after weigh-ins so that we can get games to start on time. I am sure we were all just enjoying a friendly chit-chat with other players or team mates on the way to the pitch, but if we could get to the pitch on time then we can all end on time! Thank you for the cooperation in advance lads. =)

That’s all from me this week! Have a great week forward and see you all next Wednesday night!

Coach B