MVF use of Facebook - good or bad (for non users)

Hi guys,

Just a thought, potentially a blocker for some is the use of Facebook exclusively for certain things which can be a hinderance.

I.e. 11 a side league - join the Facebook group. I don’t have a a FB account
The talks by personal trainers etc, my coach sends weekly reminders out, but the sessions are on FB - which I can’t access/use.

Not to kick up a fuss, as I know most of the world is on FB, but I`m hoping we can use the MVF site or a more universal platform which doesn’t restrict others that may be in the same situation as me?



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Same here…I don’t really use FB. If MVF is thinking of going to FB exclusively, I would not be happy that plan. Is that what where this question comes from?

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No - I don’t think MVF is moving permanently etc.

I think it’s just the platform used (FB) adopted for certain initiatives especially the ones I outlined above.

I presume the 11-a-side league was setup by a MVF user/s
The MANvFAT football talks has probably been setup by an ‘official’ MVF admin/employee (I`m strongly presuming).

But as I said, I`m technically excluded as a non-FB user, especially a loyal, paying member! :frowning:

Well, I agree with you that you need to be able to be included and it sounds like FB doesn’t fulfill that need so I don’t think it should be used unless the entire group can access it. Sorry, man. I have been in that situation, too with things at home and in my community. I hope it goes your way :slight_smile:

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He means the FB live talks… where else would you do a FB live talk apart from FB live?

Hey Nas,

There must be several options.

The only downsides I can imagine is potentially a ‘cost’ for MANvFAT.

And as a user, it would mean the ‘inconvenience’ of registering/creating an account for a new site. But it becomes ‘more inclusive’ for everyone (i.e. irrespective of whether they have or don’t have FB). Please don’t consider this as me knocking the initiative you guys are running, it’s something I`m fully supportive of, just not the method used that’s all. Hoping this can serve as constructive feedback.

I heard you mate and no worries, it’s nothing to do with me (I just coach Cardiff and have done a few talks) but across the board, as far as a way to do ‘live’ talks where people can engage, rather than just recorded videos, FB Live is by far the most popular and easily accessible platform on the internet, anything else would make it less accessible across the board.

Keep in mind people typically won’t sign up to other platforms that they’re not already on, just like you with FB, unfortunately it just happens to be that the most widely used tool for the masses is one that you personally don’t use, hope that make sense?

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All good Nas, thanks for that :+1:t5: